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Historical fiction usually recounts a famed event of the past or a memorable, recognizable period time period as experienced by fictional characters, but may also describe a historical figure (in their perceived likeness) that must deal with a variety of imagined situations. Historical fiction attempts to accurately capture the essence of history and realise as fully as possible the way the world once was. Striving for plausibility and authenticity, historical fiction allows the reader to both live and learn history, often showcasing political or social issues of the time.



7 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG
"Why Patience momma?" I asked her A mature, wise smile spread across her wrinkled face before she laughed and began to speak the very words that would remain imprinte... read more
305 reads votes 23 comments 8


4 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Oaklin, (or should I say Jesabelle) has to relive and fix her mothers mistakes. She has to accomplish the task so that she can live a peaceful life with out spirits. Will she b... read more
7 reads votes 4 comments 0
Eleven Cents

Eleven Cents

14 parts / 6 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PGPictures
Tommy's family struggles to make ends meet, but they've managed to scrape together eleven cents for him. It won't go far by itself, but thanks to Kayla eleven cents is all Tommy needs.
24 reads votes 0 comments 0
Like No Other

Like No Other

18 parts / 67 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Lord Stefan Beaumont, Earl of Stokeford, is far from being an epitome of gentlemanly grace. He scowls whenever he pleases, scares off silly debutantes, and becomes rude at a... read more
11,437 reads votes 502 comments 96
Before the After

Before the After

4 parts / 19 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Asher Reisinger is on a mission to save someone lost in time. Catherina Berkman is on a mission to save children before time runs out. The Nazis have taken over the Neth... read more
76 reads votes 4 comments 4
Skin Deep

Skin Deep

4 parts / 9 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Thomas-Frances Ashford is the only son of the honourable Lord Bradford Ashford, Marquess of Braddock Manor and his wife Lady Annabelle-Marie Ashford. Thomas has grown up much... read more
36 reads votes 7 comments 2
Finding Kate  ON HOLD

Finding Kate ON HOLD

3 parts / 9 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
This story has been placed ON HOLD. Kate Carpenter is running from a past that will literally tear her apart if it catches up to her. Dusty Calhoun is a smart, savvy... read more
406 reads votes 7 comments 4
The Boy From the Battle

The Boy From the Battle

2 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Thomas, Robert, and Andrew have managed to survive Gettysburg. They find an injured Confederate soldier that's just a boy. Will they save or kill him? Will the boy from the battle live?
11 reads votes 1 comments 0
The Ocean's Daughter (Sequel to Sirene)

The Ocean's Daughter (Sequel to Sirene)

20 parts / 55 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014G
A child claiming to be half mermaid is one thing, a young woman making such a claim is quite another matter. Oceana is traveling to London at the... read more
2,764 reads votes 194 comments 59
Wise Words

Wise Words

13 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 20, 2014G
tags / wsiewords
210 reads votes 11 comments 1
Diary Of An Unwilling Nazi Girl

Diary Of An Unwilling Nazi Girl

7 parts / 6 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Nicole Krüger is a seven year girl when Hitler came to her town in 1925 and changed everything. Her friends start to disappear and her dad is getting more... read more
299 reads votes 13 comments 10
my book

my book

18 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 20, 2014
283 reads votes 22 comments 16
Miss Stupid

Miss Stupid

23 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
❝What the fuck are feelings?❞
2,345 reads votes 88 comments 14
The Unknowing Heiress

The Unknowing Heiress

22 parts / 82 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
Maggie Swift had always known something was missing from her life. She had everything an eighteen year old aristocrat could want – a title, wealth, a good family, a... read more
217,238 reads votes 9,992 comments 1,120


3 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG
“I never thought that bidding farewells could be this extremely painful.” —Sayo Nara
17 reads votes 7 comments 34
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