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Fantasy is a form of fiction which takes place within an alternative world - an imaginary realm wherein magical and supernatural forces pervade. Fantasy stories explore archetypal truths and experiences of an ordinary protagonist, as he or she embarks on an extraordinary quest. Legendary, mythological, and folkloric traditions characterise the genre, thus fantasy stories are often rife with dragons, trolls, wizards, and knights. Typically, fantasy deals with universal themes, such as the struggle of good against evil or the struggle of an individual against society.

It's A Girl

It's A Girl

23 parts / 31 pages, updated Jan 28, 2015PG-13
Ezria fanfiction. Aria gets pregnant and 'A' is not happy about it and will do anything to make the pregnancy a bigger nightmare than it already is.
2,965 reads votes 190 comments 46
The wolf and the games

The wolf and the games

25 parts / 49 pages, updated Jan 27, 2015
Dit verhaal gaat over Gypta. Ze bezit de speciale gave om in een wolf te veranderen, net zoals alle anderen in Skyland een gave bezitten. Het land beschikt over ze... read more
2,481 reads votes 181 comments 168
The Grimoire of Nekkral

The Grimoire of Nekkral

16 parts / 28 pages, updated Jan 26, 2015
When an ancient tome, the Grimoire of Nekkral, is discovered by a power-hungry nobleman in the Realm of Terne, a new era of terror is ushered in.
4,349 reads votes 782 comments 163
Eliza Twitchel & The Haunted Forest

Eliza Twitchel & The Haunted Forest

35 parts / 120 pages, updated Dec 30, 2014PGCompleted
When Eliza Twitchel's little sister is kidnapped by gobblings and whisked through a magic gateway hidden in an old growth forest, she sets out on a ... read more
48,442 reads votes 1,019 comments 132
The Jack of Souls  (Multi-award winner!)

The Jack of Souls (Multi-award winner!)

12 parts / 20 pages, updated Jul 19, 2014PG-13VideoCompleted
************************************************************************************** An outcast rogue must break a curse put on his fate, or die on... read more
213,966 reads votes 2,788 comments 266
Ghost of you "Larry Stylinson"

Ghost of you "Larry Stylinson"

16 parts / 43 pages, updated Jan 28, 2015Video
⚭⚭ ❞ للويس الحب لم يكن معني له او هذا ماظنه .هذا ماظل يقوله له حتى صدقه .هو لم يفعل اي شيء عدا حب هاري . وكل مافعله هاري هو ' تدميره' بعد اربع سنوات من تجنب... read more
24,508 reads votes 1,345 comments 2,379


2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13Pictures
Okružuju nas samo priče o raznim životima, o zgodama i ne zgodama drugih osoba za vrijeme njihovog života. Ali ne zna se što se događa poslije toga, poslije smrti? Kažu, umro je, a bio je pun života, ista stvar dogodila se i u ovom slučaju...
250 reads votes 36 comments 38
The Final Hour

The Final Hour

11 parts / 14 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015
"It's like there's a brick wall in my heart. If I let my guard down-even for just a second, then that wall will collapse, and everything I've bottled up over the year... read more
4,563 reads votes 337 comments 105
The Cursed Chronicles

The Cursed Chronicles

39 parts / 147 pages, updated Jan 23, 2015PG-13VideoPictures
"And then it stops. My blood runs cold as the once lively forest falls dead-silent. I dig my toes into the dirt and clamp my hands over my mouth to keep myself... read more
60,009 reads votes 1,704 comments 497
Sun Kissed (The Encante Trilogy: Book 1)

Sun Kissed (The Encante Trilogy: Book 1)

36 parts / 75 pages, updated Dec 29, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
Sixteen year old Sofia Aguilar believed she was doing the right thing when she relocated three thousand miles to be with her dying mother (mãe). Now... read more
40,760 reads votes 1,203 comments 675
Song of the Nightingale

Song of the Nightingale

5 parts / 5 pages, updated Jan 23, 2015Pictures
When I first joined the church choir, I was shy and insecure; I had no interest in being the centre of attention and certainly didn’t want to be noticed for anyth... read more
302 reads votes 30 comments 118
God of Light

God of Light

77 parts / 62 pages, updated Jan 24, 2015PG-13
Countless years ago the Vesid Empire conquered the known world, forever changing the lives of many people, including a young girl named Maria Adylelus. Little did they know by changing her life that they would change destiny itself.
95,643 reads votes 2,385 comments 61


20 parts / 24 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015PG-13
Living in a world where she doesn't fit in, Laura struggled to live a normal life. Unwanted by her own mother and bullied by her peers, she longed for love and acceptance. Until on... read more
143,309 reads votes 3,902 comments 1,430
The Cursed Identity- A Haunting Dream

The Cursed Identity- A Haunting Dream

12 parts / 17 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015G
How would you feel if grow up knowing something, which you have assumed for so long as true, suddenly is proved false? How would you feel if you come... read more
11,446 reads votes 4,655 comments 439
Stuck in a Nightmare

Stuck in a Nightmare

14 parts / 14 pages, updated Jan 25, 2015
A girl by the name of Spencer arrives in Neverland during the middle of the darkest part of the night. She finds herself wandering around the forest looking for help... read more
4,636 reads votes 203 comments 40
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