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Fantasy is a form of fiction which takes place within an alternative world - an imaginary realm wherein magical and supernatural forces pervade. Fantasy stories explore archetypal truths and experiences of an ordinary protagonist, as he or she embarks on an extraordinary quest. Legendary, mythological, and folkloric traditions characterise the genre, thus fantasy stories are often rife with dragons, trolls, wizards, and knights. Typically, fantasy deals with universal themes, such as the struggle of good against evil or the struggle of an individual against society.

Into the Magic World

Into the Magic World

24 parts / 53 pages, updated May 16, 2015Pictures
Year 32XX, a young male scientist who highly obsessive to fantasies. He passionately research and experiment and even manage to develop a machine that is capable to ... read more
12,229 reads votes 585 comments 146
The Night School  (GxG)

The Night School (GxG)

49 parts / 106 pages, updated May 21, 2015
I am Grace. I've got a decent life, ordinary as ever, just your average girl trying to live through the many wonders of her first high school year... Uh... I like sl... read more
79,081 reads votes 3,104 comments 403
The Living Fantasy

The Living Fantasy

5 parts / 20 pages, updated May 22, 2015Pictures
Don't you wish that the special moments from your favorite books would happen in real life? Don't you wish that certain book characters were real? Don't you wish that ... read more
3,473 reads votes 256 comments 292
Ice & Fire

Ice & Fire

24 parts / 73 pages, updated May 18, 2015
⏩If ice can burn, then love and hate can mate.⏪ cover by: Ella_story
4,934 reads votes 220 comments 68


2 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 28, 2015Pictures
When the illusionist spymaster is nearly caught, he must take some risky choices to ensure his survival. Who can you trust when there is gold in the mix? Is an enemy of my enemy truly your friend?
157 reads votes 15 comments 22
The Arkanist (Second Draft)

The Arkanist (Second Draft)

59 parts / 272 pages, updated May 17, 2015
***Updated on Sundays*** The gods have died and the arkanists have been blamed. Ash and darkness cloak the land, the Evernight, the free folk call it. Daemons... read more
272,208 reads votes 8,255 comments 993


19 parts / 75 pages, updated May 17, 2015
Hey, it's me again. Yes, Tide the one and only Bi-Elemental. Even among the freaks I'm a freak. How fun. But, enough about that. I'm a little bit busy trying to save the world ... read more
33,739 reads votes 1,651 comments 3,153
outcast || kiani/parkbomb

outcast || kiani/parkbomb

3 parts / 3 pages, updated May 22, 2015
"we're just the outcast, liam. they don't really care." [ on hold ]
169 reads votes 53 comments 17
Lost Then Found By You

Lost Then Found By You

4 parts / 8 pages, updated May 22, 2015
Have you ever been to the lost and found box at you school? Trying to find something that you misplaced or left behind? Well just imagine that its a person. My nam... read more
84 reads votes 25 comments 0


15 parts / 12 pages, updated May 23, 2015
They came at night, angry and lustful for treasure and slaves. We stood no chance. I lay in bed, completely oblivious. Then I heard the screaming. Aine O'Connell has been captured by Vikings, and forced into slavery. Then one day everything changes.
6,945 reads votes 303 comments 18
Mythic (NaNoWriMo14)

Mythic (NaNoWriMo14)

22 parts / 101 pages, updated May 13, 2015
Rena wanders a decaying land, searching for purpose to a life that was supposed to have been laid out for her. As a Mythic, the people worship the ground she walks o... read more
57,153 reads votes 4,507 comments 1,935
Aether Academy

Aether Academy

29 parts / 109 pages, updated May 19, 2015Pictures
Aria- those who have the affinity for the element of air. Erde- those who have the affinity for the element of earth. Hudōr-those who have the affinity for the element of... read more
37,700 reads votes 1,240 comments 345
Every Day in May

Every Day in May

35 parts / 35 pages, updated May 07, 2015PicturesCompleted
***WINNER of the "BREATHTAKING: A FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL WRITING COMPETITION!" "You are a secret kept from the world, but not from me." ... read more
54,014 reads votes 4,769 comments 1,716
Silent Heroes: Wildcat

Silent Heroes: Wildcat

52 parts / 170 pages, updated Dec 14, 2014PicturesCompleted
"What the hell?" I took a step closer to the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief. The person looking back was still me, but at the same time it... read more
2,789,385 reads votes 78,322 comments 28,261
Desert Dancer

Desert Dancer

26 parts / 136 pages, updated May 13, 2015Completed
With an outrageous bounty on his head, Kiir has spent the last several years running from the world, travelling from city to city with nothing but his will to stay alive. I... read more
14,919 reads votes 639 comments 55
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