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Well, check her wall posts please KeegaTheHuman that's her user. I think she had said everything she said to us in every other thread she was in so people feel sorry for her. It's pathetic

I can't do this sorry. My simplistic covers are crap. :(
neng diba ikaw yung nasa How good is your profile pic? thread???... @CLAIRCULLEN 
@daredevil- @_ocean today is our critique day! can you get them done tonight? and romee when you both finish yours you can post lesson two. c: 
why?? if i dont keep up with this thread, thrers gonna be like a bilion new things @MeMyself_n_I 
 @MeMyself_n_I Pffftt... mistake???!!! .. whatever helps you sleep at night >.<


school or unemployment?