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Life As Told By Nerdy
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Rising Sunsets
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 @MayraTijssen lol I just noticed too. 

I agree. I tried finding it but it was so diffucult  
 @toska_ but now you are more determined to try. i typed jsfbvjk into my google translator and that's what i got ^
 @blackrosedrop i havent ever been able to lucid dream, but i would really like to, but  most of my dreams switch from first to third person its weird but it makes it easier to see in the dream.
 @blueblooded_KitKat -Some people are secret stalkers-

Well, no. Blame wattpad.
 @KittieB13  can you make the exact font on the first picture at the left be the font on the fourth picture??? by the way awesome work!!
 @Damn-the-good General fiction. I'm doing a collection of general fiction from day to day life. It's going to be the second short of the collection.