@Shechosetofly14  accepted if i can use someone else for Jessica. There's not enough clips.  Could I use Nina Dobrev? or anyone else that you have in mind.

  Try doing the things you did as a kid. Just once. :) If you do, I hope it'll help. 
 @Sannyaahhh Really?! :D thanks god cuz there is a new paranormal story I plan to post it and I was searching for good trailer designer and after I saw your examples I am gladly I have found you :) 
omg I was watching City of Bones on the telly last night and dear lord I don't know if it's the raging hormones but if I could I would've pulled Jamie Campbell Bower right out of that bedroom where he's shirtless and well you get the idea.
live streaming now!! 
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 @tjkun17 aaaaw ayus lang yan, meron pang tag lamig....sa january-february nga lang hehe