To be certain Isildilia also withdrew Lillarth and held it at the ready
 @kf1500 í'vє dσnє much mσrє thαn чσu thínk ín mч lífє. ^.^ dσn't just stαrє αt thє frєαkíng cσmmєnts.  αnd ít's mч dαч σff, sσ fuck σff.
well have fun continuing your guys's argument while I go win some more medals.......

Peace out losers :)
 @SmackMeHard Me too. I hate girly things AND I HATE PINK EW EW EW -_-. If I wear boy clothes, you won't even recognize me xD
 @CrystalClearAngel Yeah on my next chapter for that book

An I always give credit
Reading List For August:

1. The Bro Code

2. Saving Elliot

3. I'll Protect You

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