@fairy_on_acid yes I will be online :) it is summer after all hahaha! I'm keeping this forum up and running to meet more new people here :D
 @SommeryFox I just read yours and i have to say. WOW OH WOW. Lady, you sure have a way with words! 
I would like followers, but I'm not goodenought with my books... Any pointers? and tipstoelp meoff theground?
 @_inconspicuousC Cause someone create and Nelly invite me, he didn't invite u?

 @winterchild22 Lipat?
 @HannnahClifford why are you so excited?? ahaha and im fine thanks :-)

 @ThunderLuke you tell em Nicole! ;-)
 @iamEFFF Did we? The thread was closed... So yeah... I made another thread but no one came back so I deleted it... 

 @Bebeeel Yup. :) Hmm... Bea? 
 @VoidBite  *Pats your back*  *Whispers*  You're Mystery Girl..  I know that.