Name: Ariana 

Dedication: 95%

Examples: http://cupcakesrock13.imgur.com/

Rules: No r-rated, same sex. Be nice. No request whores. 

Payment requirement: Fan or dedication 

How do you feel today? (Random question) Pretty good, how about you? 
 @CalligraphyBrush Can I get a bit more of a detailed critique? You took three points off but only mentioned one thing. :c
 @Dream_Craziness There's no telling what people will love or won't. It always surprises me that the story I love the most is never the one that gets the most hits. As long as they're enjoyed though, I can't complain :)
 @Ruby_Sunset The flaw is that you will believe anything that the bible says just because it says it. I know for a fact that there are verses in the bible that Christians do not follow but choose to ignore (Exodus 31:15 for example)
 @JustlikeheavenDanni im not there, he's not here.. *sighs* i don't want to know anymore. 
 @americangirl123 should I show my covers....? a lot of them are bad....