@Ctyolene the woman dies and the story is about how the baby grows up and how he finds the rest of his Vampire family.
 @TheFactionless seriously? my friend got an account today and got it but i cant?
I agree, it depends on how you go about it. I think so long as titles are kept fairly vague and simply hint to the over-all theme of the chapter, they're okay. 
 @cookiecherrypie o-o That's weird. I dunno, that's just kinda what I've read since I was interested in trying it out too. Maybe I misread something, idk
[ ] DARK [x ] LIGHT 

TITLE: ten

SUBTITLE: none please x

AUTHOR: cakesplashinq

IDEAS/PICTURES: a girl who looks about the age of ten? Sorry i can't find any  good photos XD
 @HyperFLUFFY ( Don't talk to her like that. Ever again. )

"I'm still hungry though. Any apples left?"