@Guardian_Cosmos Even though there are hundreds of people who know how. 
Yeah, my husband and I only have a couple of shows that we watch together. But my "geek" friend, we fangirl all the time!  @MarcellaUva 

What can I say, I have a VERY dirty mind...
 @adorkabIe thank you!

they're both awesome and i'll be using them c:

 the library your book will be added to is  what i am a good girl [teen fic]  just so you know i completed the payment c: 
 @Fraz92 hehehe XD
okay so wat are the most common hints a guy does wen he likes a gal *the not so subtle ones*
you open a new tab, take the photo and drag it into the new tab, it should just pop up in the new tab you had opened c: @-kittens