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 @sarcastic_shivi No way! Really? All times he was in Ukraine? And well, can't deny the fact that he was interesting indeed xD 
 @sarcastic_shivi Thank you, I'm glad you like it, it's an alien girl from this webcomic. She's pretty much my second favorite character from the comic since I feel I can relate to her.
Are these the examples of your covers or.....?  Just confused 
Hi all, I've been writing a story recently and I have been needing to edit it. Can someone give me some tips or websites I could go to to get better at editing? Even a detailed step by step guide to editing would be amazing! 
 @lesley2812 It's fine, I think I will have to delete that rule. Just fill in the form :)
Definetly bittersweeeettt cuz that shizzle gets u on the edge of yo baaalllss