Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and mine is that 1D sucks ass
I'm going to cancel my request so it's easier for you guys. Thank you so much. xx
 @Tania_Rossi no sos la única!!! Para que probar Nutella si acá en Argentina tenemos el mejor dulce de leche? xD jajajaja

 @booklovrgirl I usually read manga as well.....Shoujo? *^* Yeshhhhh....Which is your favourite :D?
 @J_C_Kattttt pag-iisipan ko pang mabuti. kaylangang kumita ako sa kontrata natin besty para di ako lugi haha

 @winterchild22 haha okie dokie winter chan c yaw
 @wormbook423  that is a really interesting thing that you said there :)  Angels and Demons reference love it haha :)