@Just_Shine_On I nod. I take a deep breath and then picture the spot on the map. I feel the current of magic surround me and the others, and a few moments later it sets us down gently.
 @cherryjinx I don't think I could stomach doing a eating contest lol. Just cannot wait for my aunt to make homemade macaroni & cheese :P
 yeah, ill get right on it, I'm sorry, I've been busy lately >.< @kkxmiller 
@1SusanLee Here's the cover, I tried using a pic of a boy with blue eyes but that didn't work, sorry :(

 @cityofwriting i tried that and it worked! thank you. do you know why that happened?
 @ETCupcakee Those are cool. For the last one, sis you use a background image then erased (for the music notes) or did you use a png?