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(Re)Making Love: a memoir
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 @That_One_CrAzY_Chick here's a quick try. Tell me if it's not what you're looking for and I'll get to it!
 @EvanescentTendencies You're usually not on the MDC, what would you need a thread design for? XD
 @BravadoFakingGlory Can't wait for my grade!! Well.....hopefully it's good....or okay...
Ok then I guess I m weird cuz emojis effect me a lot when I m online It's like I can picture people doing that to me haha I am so weird XD @Travis-Atherton 
Here's your cover. Please let me know if you would want any minor changes and if you will use it. 

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  @KeegaTheHuman Sure! I'd love to do a re-do :) 

But for the guys' perspective, can you give me more information on him (if you don't mind)?