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 @MislilMitch hahaha. ang daldal ko ba at sure na sure na kakausapin ko ang sinumang tumambay dun? XD

 @Deoxitonist yo Neil. :D
 @sovereigns i've done the payment and thank you for accepting my form cx
 @shicaraj_ Oh my god yes. I want to know what will happen... I dont have an idea who could be the murderer. ... :D 
 @frestodinalyn sometimes gays could be much better than straight guys. Some are also hotter than them *-* its OK to have a crush on a gay.. I had a crush on vice once xD I can't help it! There are times that I just want to take him home lol xD
 @xvivitee accepted a seamless is a thread that is continues. It's connected to a post to another post
 @imakemyowndestiny Feeling ko din talaga. Kahit di ako nakasali sa thread nun. Maski sa TBFB lang, sobrang ingay din naman noong mga unang buwan ng 2014, ewan anyare. Si titablue na lang talaga yung sure kang kakausapin ka.