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Aww,I went out yesterday and my connection wasn't going well... I had reserved a spot but you already got all the contestants so... Good luck to everyone though ... @euphorious_ 
 @Banewood oh, you can come back to lyfe after 3 minutes so it's okay.
Yes, srry. The only two spots left are Banner and Thread making tips @beautifulthewayuare 
Hey it's worth a try eh? 
Also SUSHIII check your ask. Huehuehue
And haha here I am after dying for like 3 months o.o 

Name: Dolly, Ella, Lloyd 


Availability: Saturdays, Sundays, and some Fridays 
 @WarriorPrincess66 No, rap is not my cup of tea :p

I've never eaten any oreos

Have you ever cooked soup?
@DystopianCalum but your cover is so good! mine sucks, but yours is so good.