@QueenHeiress I just don't bother. Just grab a sweatshirt and make sure your shoes are waterproof. (Been there, done that, it sucked.)

 @MuffinsMittens XD Then maybe I'll see you around lol
 @Autumn_Breeze  @HashtagNoFilter thanks. I was taught something different in school. I wonder why.
You could check mine out if you want, they're only 3 chapters ^_^
@aquarliam you're killing meeee
He looks so good unf ASYHJJFGSSF
 @Invisible_Me1D >.< I told him and he asked me where'd I find it and I answered we talked...>.< oh god
 @The_Rabid_Cupcake  So I'll be putting "Beauty and The Beast 2: Wolf Bite" ? something like that? :)