@DaniyahA Ooooohhh thats so pretty! Not to busy but still there. Love it!!
 @SoundlessCloudsXx   Awesome rebuttal to all the unicorns. Daps. 
 @HeloiseBlue Really nice! Thanks for submitting but I've already chosen a cover! Sorry :/
TITLE OF PREMADE YOU WANT : love addiction
AUTHOR  : lou
SUBTITLE : it's okay it's okay
name :: vienna

examples :: http://imgur.com/a/4SwP8

dedication :: 90%

octonauts, yay or nay :: yaay 

 eh not gunna get hired by you because you are so fab but oh well
It is good! It almost makes me think of some sort of government that is have an uprising. 9/10 @ClockworkSquid 

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