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Her Ultimate Desire

Her Ultimate Desire

5 parts / 14 pages, updated Aug 25, 2012VideoPictures
Alexia is a black successful Caribbean woman who has the career she dreams of and a greatest best friend Kristy, what more could a girl ask for. But what she really des... read more
20,680 reads votes 428 comments 99
Love Project

Love Project (No longer available)

22 parts / 74 pages, updated Dec 10, 2012PicturesCompleted
In a work project it brings two differences appearance but yet alike personality persons together. Before you had read the story of “When Mr Player meet Ms Chubby” now I ... read more
10,103 reads votes 126 comments 36
RADIO LOVE (under major editing)

RADIO LOVE (under major editing)

55 parts / 135 pages, updated Jan 09, 2013Completed
Sophie thought she was completely in love with Will, but the night he proposes they get caught in a crash and he dies. Disraught, Sophie tries to block eve... read more
2,903,576 reads votes 36,529 comments 2,371
When I could not remember

When I could not remember

21 parts / 63 pages, updated Jun 29, 2014
Sara was in a car accident. When she woke up in hospital she could not remember anything. As she did not have any ID on her the police was unable to identify he... read more
69,465 reads votes 1,282 comments 246
His Mistakes

His Mistakes (No longer available)

182 pages, updated Jan 07, 2013VideoCompleted
Liam drugged and raped her as a dare. It's haunted him for five years, but it's not until he sees her in the store with his look alike of a little girl does he start trying t... read more
3,105,984 reads votes 37,414 comments 5,463

Prisoner of Love (SAMPLE ONLY; SOON TO BE PUBLISHED!!) (No longer available)

139 pages, updated Nov 24, 2012Completed
"Get the car moving, and don't even think about jumping or I'll stick you with this knife like you're a pincushion! Now, floor it!&q... read more
844,609 reads votes 6,236 comments 1,626
Wynter's Circle (Interracial Romance)

Wynter's Circle (Interracial Romance)

16 parts / 25 pages, updated Mar 29, 2015
Wynter wanted one thing and that was to forget Antonio Rodriguez star quarter back of the Phiadelphia Eagles. She intended to do this by marrying ... read more
162,190 reads votes 3,492 comments 215
The Fat Program

The Fat Program

18 parts / 35 pages, updated Jun 06, 2013
Janet is an overweight adult. She's always been on the... Well let's say chubby side. She doesn't have friends and only a few years ago her parents died of a terrorist att... read more
198,097 reads votes 2,498 comments 333
His Secretary To Be

His Secretary To Be

26 parts / 221 pages, updated Apr 16, 2013Completed
Furious about her new boss not showing up at her job interview, Cassidy takes matters in her own hands. She meets Luciano Gavino in his own office but somehow leaves t... read more
2,399,678 reads votes 32,434 comments 1,638
How The Warrior Fell

How The Warrior Fell

25 parts / 97 pages, updated Mar 17, 2015 MatureVideo
Xaviers eyes flashed furiously, his arm shooting out and wrapping around the back of her neck in a vice like grip, using his other hand he gripped her chin brutally. “... read more
2,269,447 reads votes 44,784 comments 7,272
Silk and Roses - First Draft (Removed)

Silk and Roses - First Draft (Removed)

57 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 16, 2012PicturesCompleted
Mario Bellini has lived far from his family and home for ten years, a different life with a different name. He's never wanted to go back. There were thi... read more
414,388 reads votes 4,346 comments 2,408
I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend

I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend

44 parts / 120 pages, updated Apr 28, 2013Completed
Was Originally: My parents sold me, to my dead brother new best friend. My brother disappeared when I was eight, after a while we just ass... read more
13,986,930 reads votes 129,170 comments 15,342
At the Boss's Beck and Call

At the Boss's Beck and Call

17 parts / 101 pages, updated Feb 14, 2013Completed
She did not think he found her desirable. She was just his secretary. He did not think she'd want to go to bed with him. She knew too much about his priva... read more
7,485,808 reads votes 104,732 comments 12,510


14 parts / 144 pages, updated Jun 01, 2011Completed
Her attraction for him was so strong, she gifted him her innocence. She loved him enough and hoped after 14 months of being together, he would reciprocate her lov... read more
1,355,978 reads votes 16,024 comments 798
WANTED: A Hot Wife

WANTED: A Hot Wife

4 parts / 13 pages, updated Dec 13, 2011VideoPictures
Xander had it all; money, good-looks, power and an endless supply of women to last him a lifetime. But what if his father gave him an ultimatum, one that would end his p... read more
124,550 reads votes 2,190 comments 465
Beautiful In My Eyes

Beautiful In My Eyes

13 parts / 27 pages, updated Jun 07, 2012Completed
Giselle Mackenzie has a great life. She is the mother of an adorable little boy, the wife of a painfully-handsome Scotsman, and the daughter of one of the best men sh... read more
22,332 reads votes 357 comments 58
Place In This World - The Sequel to The Journey

Place In This World - The Sequel to The Journey

6 parts / 46 pages, updated Aug 22, 2012Completed
Beautiful, strong Elina is forced to flee for her life and wonders if she will live to see another day. Nilan, an Inchant warrior, is leavin... read more
2,988 reads votes 64 comments 13
The Journey

The Journey (No longer available)

67 pages, updated Aug 19, 2012Completed
Life is about choices, and the paths we choose bear consequences. Ciran is about to learn this the hard way. Two roads are ahead of her, but only one leads home. Which will sh... read more
8,068 reads votes 177 comments 24
Against the Odds

Against the Odds (No longer available)

66 pages, updated Jul 09, 2012Completed
Tired if dealing with an unfaithful husband after seven years of marriage, Raine Edmunds finally gets a divorce. Wanting to start over, she leaves her successful modeling ... read more
32,498 reads votes 409 comments 199
Forever - The Against the Odds Saga

Forever - The Against the Odds Saga (No longer available)

18 pages, updated Dec 07, 2012Completed
Hayden and Raine have a fierce love of family and each other. They have faced both triumphs and trials, and their love, strength and complete devotion to... read more
932 reads votes 52 comments 14