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Secretly Married .ƒĢ. (Published & Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)

Secretly Married .ƒĢ. (Published & Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)

85 parts / 254 pages, updated Jul 05, 2014PicturesCompleted
Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the biggest stars in the country, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They’ve been sec... read more
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She's Dating The Gangster

She's Dating The Gangster (No longer available)

244 pages, updated Jan 01, 2012VideoCompleted
This is the story I always wanted to share to every one. It's a story written by ate Bianca A.K.A. SGwannabe. I was inspired by her stories and I kept reading them over and over. Hope you'll love it too, as how much I love it :)
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Talk Back And You're DEAD! [BOOK1-28Parts-COMPLETE]

Talk Back And You're DEAD! [BOOK1-28Parts-COMPLETE]

28 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 11, 2011 MatureVideoCompleted
Will be available to all leading bookstores nationwide. Coming this 4th week of July 2013. For more informations please like the PSICOM official page on Facebook. Or follow us on twitter @alesana_marie @officialPSICOM
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Tears of Angel by BlackLily

Tears of Angel by BlackLily

39 parts / 60 pages, updated Nov 09, 2011PicturesCompleted
This is the story of Johann one of Joanne brother in Wanted: Babymaker. If you've read it Felize also appeared on that story as the gf of OCa.
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