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A Fishy Business

A Fishy Business

12 parts / 52 pages, updated May 01, 2013Completed
Meet Marina Watson – she’s little, but no shrinking violet. She lives with her mum and step-dad, Rob. Life’s good, but there’s one thing she doesn’t get… Why she isn’t... read more
576,533 reads votes 6,763 comments 1,414
The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home

The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home

15 parts / 36 pages, updated Jan 02, 2013Completed
Okie's fifteen. She lives in New York. She's got a few problems: she's failing geography, her dad's a wimp, and her mother, Sumatra, is a stone cold bitch. B... read more
1,187,783 reads votes 11,818 comments 2,025
Fistful of Reefer

Fistful of Reefer

45 parts / 118 pages, updated Jul 30, 2012PicturesCompleted
A spaghetti-Western, refried alternate history, Fistful of Reefer features goats, guns and the camaraderie of outcasts. Set along the Texas border during the waning years... read more
1,302,573 reads votes 574 comments 184
The Steampunk Detective

The Steampunk Detective (No longer available)

102 pages, updated Jan 13, 2012VideoCompleted
The Steampunk Detective is a non-stop adventure story following young Jack Mason as he joins forces with the world's greatest detective - Ignatius Doyle - to solve ... read more
1,457,105 reads votes 1,918 comments 473
How to Unbake a Cake

How to Unbake a Cake

8 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 05, 2014Completed
It's Anna's fifth birthday and all she can think about is the cake. That is, until her cousin plants an idea in her head. Now this little girl must contemplate the very nature of time itself.
251,153 reads votes 3,215 comments 1,797