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Viviendo la Secundaria al máximo (Traducción)

Viviendo la Secundaria al máximo (Traducción)

9 parts / 21 pages, updated Feb 26, 2015Completed
El último año de colegio de Sara está llegando y ellá decidió llevar a cabo una misión: vivirlo al máximo. Junto a su mejor amiga, ... read more
1,253 reads votes 32 comments 15
Socialising? Pfft... (OUR BLOG!!!)

Socialising? Pfft... (OUR BLOG!!!) (No longer available)

2 pages, updated Sep 09, 2014Completed
A documentation of us crossing things off our bucket list of things to do before we leave school. ~ChameleonClass & leila98
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Thriller Suite: New Poems

Thriller Suite: New Poems

5 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 01, 2012Completed
In Thriller Suite -- appearing serially for the first time on Wattpad -- Margaret Atwood has gathered these new poems inspired by her long history as a reader of ... read more
364,795 reads votes 2,065 comments 462
Something I Will Never Forget

Something I Will Never Forget

1 page, updated May 23, 2012Completed
This is a vague poem about something that happened to me during middle school. I have not included the main reason why this happened just because I do not th... read more
407 reads votes 14 comments 9
The Green Eyes

The Green Eyes

6 parts / 11 pages, updated Aug 04, 2013
Eliza Ross is just a typical high school junior. She works hard at school and is close with her friends. But when she goes running one day, she finds herself being watched b... read more
616 reads votes 13 comments 10
The Samson Brothers -The Revelation

The Samson Brothers -The Revelation

6 parts / 9 pages, updated Sep 08, 2013 MatureCompleted
I have so many questions, so many things I have to know. I try, God how I try, to push them to the back of my mind. He looks just like Sammy, he acts j... read more
2,295 reads votes 55 comments 9


7 parts / 20 pages, updated Apr 24, 2012Completed
A SHORT STORY FROM THE 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE SERIES It was the 26th night of November 2008. It was the night which changed the mind set of every Indian across the globe. It was th... read more
3,683 reads votes 356 comments 174
Cliché Mania (A Parody)

Cliché Mania (A Parody)

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 25, 2012
2,626 reads votes 68 comments 52


22 parts / 99 pages, updated Jun 09, 2014VideoPictures
According to her father, Nicole Robinson has lived a extremely privileged life despite their modest middle-class status. To help his daughter begin to appreciate what she has, he f... read more
127,718 reads votes 2,116 comments 624
One Last Wish

One Last Wish

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Oct 16, 2011
A year. That's all what Sharon's got. And when you have to do all those things you ever wanted to do before you die, an year does not seem a period long enough. Sharon's got ... read more
1,569 reads votes 42 comments 47
The Summer I'd Never Forget (On Hold)

The Summer I'd Never Forget (On Hold) (No longer available)

13 parts / 63 pages, updated Jun 28, 2012VideoPictures
What happens when a group of normal teenagers, one heck of a school trip, secrets, crushes, and old friends are put together? Guess you’ll just have to read and find out.
14,183 reads votes 384 comments 233
The Evil Thing(On Hold)

The Evil Thing(On Hold)

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Sep 20, 2011Pictures
Allison and Alex have just moved from the big city of Malibu, Florida, to the small state of Rhode Island. Their mom is no help to Alex and Allison's feeling of lone... read more
1,950 reads votes 47 comments 57


41 parts / 104 pages, updated Sep 01, 2012Completed
‘He went out of the room. In his boxers. Again. Like the laws and principles of the universe, which were scientifically proven, I couldn’t help but scowl. He smirked. “Well, s... read more
3,007,353 reads votes 67,114 comments 8,680
The Oasis

The Oasis

15 parts / 25 pages, updated Aug 29, 2012
Taless is the world of the witches. It’s a world of magic, mystical creatures, and happiness. But, like any other world, it has its defects. Its magic and beauty shall be put to ... read more
4,067 reads votes 130 comments 145
Dream State (On Hold/Rewriting)

Dream State (On Hold/Rewriting)

10 parts / 26 pages, updated Nov 18, 2012
Aiden West is on top of the world. He's charming, sly, and has got every girl pinned down to the finest point. He knows your tricks, gimmicks, stunts and any ... read more
4,093 reads votes 76 comments 57
The Melancholy of Quinn

The Melancholy of Quinn

31 parts / 50 pages, updated Jan 22, 2014Completed
Quinn Polomero faces a bit of a problem. The star of the soccer team has got some fancy footwork, but how well can he maneuver in the field of romance when it comes to Holly?
40,598 reads votes 1,044 comments 348
Before I Came Along

Before I Came Along

6 parts / 9 pages, updated Sep 28, 2011Pictures
Kallie finds out she's moving. What a great opportunity to let everyone know how you feel about them, right? What turned out to be what she thought was ending on a good... read more
6,973 reads votes 178 comments 124
Love Quadrangle (HIATUS)

Love Quadrangle (HIATUS)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 28, 2011Pictures
Minty Kessler has always been her sister Sage's puppet. She does her laundry, cooks for her, cleans after her - Minty has lived in her shadow for far too long. But M... read more
928 reads votes 18 comments 15
This One's for You

This One's for You

12 parts / 30 pages, updated Dec 21, 2011Video
Two years ago, Vanessa Daniels watched her best friend, Caden Orcino, head out of their small town of Phillips, Maine with his band, Torment. He promised her he'd neve... read more
547,755 reads votes 8,253 comments 2,192
You took my heart, could I please have it back?

You took my heart, could I please have it back?

59 parts / 278 pages, updated Aug 05, 2012Completed
16-year-old Elizabeth Johnson is far from your average teenager. Fighting depression, she has to get through sixth form, where bullies and the ... read more
640,900 reads votes 6,204 comments 1,598