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She Whispered Never

She Whispered Never

7 parts / 14 pages, updated Nov 25, 2013PG-13
Luke and his brothers are Angels sent to earth to help keep things under control with the underworld. While they are on earth luke meets Jazmyne who is half demon, hal... read more
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Once Upon a Taxi

Once Upon a Taxi

17 parts / 49 pages, updated Aug 31, 2013PG-13
“Val,” he whispered, tracing his finger along my jawline. He had me against the wall, holding my wrists above my head with one hand, and his body flush against mine. “Hav... read more
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I'm Sorry I Boinked Your Sister

I'm Sorry I Boinked Your Sister

7 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 06, 2012PG-13Completed
The title says it all...
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Cinderella's Fangs

Cinderella's Fangs

9 parts / 18 pages, updated Jul 06, 2012PG-13Pictures
[ROMANCE/VAMPIRE/HISTORICAL FICTION] Cinderella isn't new to hardwork and being ill treated by her stepsisters. She has dreams and held on to it. One day Cinderella h... read more
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Invisible: A Love Story [Watty Awards 2011]

Invisible: A Love Story [Watty Awards 2011]

66 parts / 60 pages, updated Dec 16, 2012PG-13Completed
When 18-year-old Emma Dawson was raped after her junior year in high school, her entire world fell apart. Especially when her egocentric father did... read more
916,524 reads votes 6,338 comments 387
Supernatural: The Long Night

Supernatural: The Long Night

38 parts / 36 pages, updated Aug 21, 2011PG-13VideoCompleted
[SEASON SEVEN: MY VERSION] She finds herself in an alternate world, where demons and monsters are real, and so are the Winchesters. This is one of those fan fic... read more
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The Italian Billionaire's Lover

The Italian Billionaire's Lover

34 parts / 136 pages, updated Sep 27, 2012PG-13Completed
She's nothing like the classy, curvaceous, leggy blondes that frequent his bed...yet something about the bedraggled red-headed scrawny woman draws him to... read more
9,908,375 reads votes 112,399 comments 11,278
poetry is my life

poetry is my life

87 parts / 15 pages, updated Sep 17, 2012G
this is a little bit of everything i write it has sadness love happyness it has everything in it :) please tell me what you guys think of my work thanks
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The Ghost Girl, Living In My Room.

The Ghost Girl, Living In My Room.

22 parts / 52 pages, updated Sep 26, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
When Rose Ferland goes into a twelve month long coma, Dylan Kamp and his family move into her home. Rose starts to 'appear' in Dylan's room, asking for hel... read more
105,010 reads votes 1,411 comments 241
Psych Investigation Episodes: Volume 1

Psych Investigation Episodes: Volume 1

101 parts / 484 pages, updated Dec 31, 2013PG-13Completed
An Urban Fantasy about people with extraordinary abilities. While some see them as opportunities to better the world, others see them merely as an opp... read more
6,281,835 reads votes 66,092 comments 8,260
Earth Wind Water Fire

Earth Wind Water Fire (No longer available)

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Feb 29, 2012Pictures
Adele wanted to scream. She wanted to punch every being withing her view until she couldn't raise another fist. Instead she was crying. Her curly black hair was stick... read more
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Our Love May Be Forbidden, But Honey Those Abs Sure Aren't ;)

Our Love May Be Forbidden, But Honey Those Abs Sure Aren't ;)

16 parts / 38 pages, updated Jul 20, 2013PG-13Pictures
I was hundreds of miles away from where I had grown up, my family, my friends, and where my bad memories had taken place. Here it's a dif... read more
61,522 reads votes 703 comments 188
Possessive Mr. Alpha

Possessive Mr. Alpha (No longer available)

61 pages, updated Dec 25, 2011PG-13VideoCompleted
{Watch the trailer inside!} Savannah Jacobs is a doctor expert on the fields of medicine. After the night she operated a handsome, young man that met a terrible acciden... read more
4,642,243 reads votes 24,955 comments 1,905
Silent Beauty

Silent Beauty (No longer available)

31 parts / 65 pages, updated Feb 21, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
Ally Sanders is the loner and freak of her high school. She refuses to talk to anybody, so people make fun of her. She almost always wears her hood to hide the bruises her fat... read more
1,043,074 reads votes 11,430 comments 3,478
Desired Elements ··Adult Menage··[On Hold]

Desired Elements ··Adult Menage··[On Hold]

18 parts / 19 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013RPictures
°°Warning R-RATED Mature Contents°° *Fantasy Menage*The winds touched and caressed as she lay naked in the meadows. Her untouc... read more
882,498 reads votes 7,353 comments 768
Eventide Academy : School for Supernatural

Eventide Academy : School for Supernatural

41 parts / 68 pages, updated Aug 21, 2012PG-13
Eventide Academy: School for Supernatural. An academy for the elite of the supernatural world. Aspen, a young witch who has always been an outsider,... read more
602,435 reads votes 4,641 comments 703
Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

41 parts / 193 pages, updated Apr 24, 2011PG-13Completed
Family is everything and I plan to keep mine alive. In a world full of violence, it takes a certain type of person to survive. Pain, anguish, death, and ... read more
2,405,647 reads votes 23,010 comments 2,261
It Must Have Been Love (Avenged Sevenfold)

It Must Have Been Love (Avenged Sevenfold)

51 parts / 137 pages, updated Jul 03, 2013RCompleted
Carolina is a 17-year-old girl in a student exchange program. She arrives at Huntington Beach with an illusion of a perfect year. But life always t... read more
26,778 reads votes 210 comments 104
Chasing Love - girlxgirl -

Chasing Love - girlxgirl -

40 parts / 93 pages, updated Oct 31, 2013PG-13Completed
Amy was different, and she knew it. That didn't stop her from loving her best friend Anna. An entire summer was spent making love, and growing into what was quickly... read more
1,872,065 reads votes 12,082 comments 2,672
It Was Always Her

It Was Always Her (No longer available)

11 parts / 5 pages, updated Nov 28, 2011PG-13Pictures
lzz with blonde ish hair and green eyes just move to this town from a big city. mukus with his blonde hair and blue eyes is starding to fall for her
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