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The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan: Heartless [Book II]

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The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan. [Book Two] Emma Lowe.

Copyright © 2010 Emma Lowe.  

All rights reserved.


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Note from author:

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed book one of The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan, and thanks for sticking around for book two because I have big things planned for this story.  


- Kind regards, Emma.


Warning: This novel does have strong violence, harsh language, and sexual references.



            The thought of going back into the human world made me cringe, but I nodded all the same as Dante and I made a run for it. Neither of us knew why we were running, but for one reason or another, the council wanted us. For all we knew it was only to question us about something we had witnessed, but my gut instinct told me to head for the hills, and get to the teleport as soon as possible.

            We were half way between here and there when we heard the footsteps behind us. “There over here!” A male’s voice echoed through the night, about the same time as we picked up our pace.

            “Split up,” I muttered to Dante.

            Without another word Dante obeyed my orders, and we took off in two completely different directions in hopes of losing them, but really we were heading to the same destination. I decided to take the high road as I climbed on top of a tall building, and I was quite relieved to find that most of the suits were following me, because I was much faster than poor Dante. I pushed forward as I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, but the man who was close on my trail was insanely fast. When I could almost feel his icy fingers brushing against my cold skin, I jumped off the two story building, and stumbled a little when I landed but thankfully I managed to land on the soles of my feet—though I was seriously regretting my choice in footwear. I mean, I just had to wear my knee high boots tonight.

            The impact of the fall shot up my body, but I knew I had to continue forward, because I was so close to the portal… I could almost see it. Unfortunately Dante was nowhere to be found, but I had to keep my hopes high, and pray that he somehow managed to beat me here.

            Keeping my eyes firmly on my destination, I threw one foot firmly in front of the other, only when three men stepped out; blocking my path I was forced to come to a sudden halt. The male who was behind me tackled me to the ground, pressing my face hard into the dirt, as he forced me into hand cuffs. I struggled instinctively, fighting him off, but he was clearly a royal vampire because he overpowered me with ease. Kicking and screaming he tore me from the ground, as another man quickly tied up my shackles so I couldn’t possibly make a run for it. Damn it!

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The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan. II [Book Two] Prologue: (Part 1).


Talulah Rileyas Helena Callahan
Gaspard Ullielas Darien Valentine
Alex Pettyferas Noah Turner

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