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My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model

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My Secret Life as a Victoria’s Secret Model - Chapter 1

★ Pristine 

I was turning around a corner when I bumped into someone and my books fell to the ground.

“Sorry,” Mark, one of the school’s jock, apologized as he helped me pick up my books. He gave me an apologetic look and handed me my books. But just when he walked away I heard him mutter, “Nerd.”

I sighed. Yeah. I’m a nerd, a major nerd. But why was one of the school’s jock nice to me and not making fun of me? That's simple, it's because I’m the daughter of Clyde Ferro and Callie Preston, who are the so called ‘golden couple’ in the entertainment business. And when I say gold I mean it literally. They probably worth more than Oprah freaking Winfrey.

In short I’m the golden daughter. So no one dares to upset me. 

I walked towards my best friends London Tame and Venice Forģèt (Pronounced as Fo-jet with a Frenchy accent). I love both of them. Venice is French and she’s very proud of it. She has everything French. Meaning: French clothes, French bags, French accessories, French shoes, French everything! Most girls envy her because of her French stuff. As expected from the daughter of a major stock holder in Lacoste.

Oh! And London is your average gay American boy. Oh yeah, London is gay and he’s not embarrassed about it. He’s been out of the closet since freshmen year. But I don’t think I should call him average. His dad is the CEO of Daka after all. He’s lucky he’s the only child or else his parents would probably disown him for being gay.

Anyway, the three of us are called the ‘Untouchable dorks’ Why? Because all our families can make any average family crumble to dust if we wanted. We are the most feared, they almost treat us like cops, they don’t dare do shit in front of us.

 “Hotness alert,” London said gesturing to Chance who was walking in our way. London and Venice both looked at him with lust. I rolled my eyes.

Chance Matthews, is our school’s ‘it’ boy.  And by that I mean, the most popular, most controversial, most handsome, and of course, the biggest player. He’s the worlds’ new answer to both Taylor Lautner and Robert Patterson and Josh Hutcherson combined. He’s an actor and he’s quite rich. Chance is the only one who has the power to contradict us three. Meaning he’s untouchable as well, but he belongs in the popular group so he’s practically- no actually, he is the king of the school.

Chance stopped in front of me and handed me a paper bag.

“Mom said to give this to you,” he said and walked away not even giving me a chance to thank him.

“Thanks,” I whispered to myself while looking as he walked away.  

“God you’re so lucky Pristine!” London squealed.

The thing with Chance is that he’s my family friend. My mom and dad are best friends with his. I’m practically a daughter to his parents so he’s practically my brother. But even though we’ve known each other before we could even walk, we don’t talk to each other much. In fact I can count all the words we’ve said to each other during this month. And to think that our houses are right next to each other! Not to mention that every time my parents are away, I stay at their house, and vice versa.

I looked at the paper bag and saw bags of pretty beads. I grinned widely. I love making accessories. And I love Isla [Chance’s Mom] for always buying me beads every time she goes on business trips.


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