Loved to Death


Loved to Death


The sun hung high in the midday sky. Family and friends had gathered under a large canopy tent to attend the grave-side service for Jonathan Hill's mother. The pastor conducting the service was reading from John 14:27, "Let not your heart be troubled..." when his words began to trail off, leaving him staring toward the back of the tent. 

"Can I help you?" The pastor asked a man, a doctor, standing just at the edge of the tent. The doctor was garbed in his surgical scrubs from head to toe. Those in attendance, including Jon and his father, who sat at the front nearest to the open casket, turned to look down the aisle at the sudden arrival. 

"I would like to say a few words," the doctor stated, making his way down the walkway toward the front of the gathering. Stopping at the casket, he positioned himself behind it, facing the family. 

"I'm so sorry... there wasn't anything more I could do..." he said, shaking his head from side to side. Reaching into the casket, the doctor slowly pulled from it a slimy, bloody, screaming new born baby girl. He held it toward the two.  

"I'm sorry!" 


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Loved to Death


Cameron Brightas Jonathan Hill
Charlize Theronas Jon's Mother

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