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Montello High: School of Gangsters (Awesomely Completed and well,Published, too)

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Author's Note:

Please don't kill me if there are some mistakes on this chapter. It's really long (well, for me it is and according to my DEATHNOTEbook, it really is, haha) so I decided to post the first part of Chapter 5. It is mainly to avoid pressures from my friends, haha. (Em a typing sucker! haha). I'll try to publish the next scenes as soon as I can so I really hope that you won't give up on this story...

Oh and you might want to listen to these songs :

Happy Summer days anyway...

+Siel Alstreim+


Chapter 5: Dance with the Gangsters (Part 1)

Isang linggo na rin akong pumapasok sa Montello High and I have to admit that those days were really active and eventful. Considering the fact that I messed up with the two gangster groups, I guess things haven't really gotten worst yet.

It's Saturday morning so I decided to spend more time with my bed. Jeez! Screw the homeworks and food and all the other stuffs! Kahit magunaw man ang mundo, hindi ako maiistorbo sa pagtulog. Yung parang may body clock yung katawan ko at kusang nagiging comatose person ako during weekends.

"Summer!" Crap! Okay. Binabawi ko na ang paggunaw ng mundo dahil niyuyugyog pa lang ang balikat ko, gusto ko nang pumaslang.

"Summer, wake up!" Er. Inilagay ko ang isang unan sa mukha ko. Someone pulled the pillow and I jerked up.

"Gusto niyo bang mamatay?!!!!!" Sigaw ko. Nakatayo lang sina Mirden at Jamie at mukhang gulat na gulat. They effin' deserved that!

"Summer, tanghali na kasi at baka gusto mong sumama sa amin sa 6th floor mamayang gabi. Nagiging clubhouse kasi yun kung saan pwedeng magparty ang mga estudyante," wika ni Mirden.

"I'm not interested!" At humiga ulit sa kama. Gawd! Just leave me alone!


At binabawi ko na rin na hindi ako interesado sa 6th floor party cause I'm here with these two, drinking cocktails. Hindi rin kasi nagsi-serve ng hard drinks sa mga estudyante. Fruit juices, beers and other soft cocktails lang. But the music is good at mukha talagang bar ang 6th floor. And a lot of those girls on the dance floor are on their slutty dresses---some of them are making out. Yikes! And good thing, walang teachers dito. Ang nagmamanage ng Saturday Party na ito ay ang Student Council, which I learned recently that Ethan Montreal holds the second highest position. Biruin mo yun!

"Hindi ka ba magbi-beer, Mirden at satisfied ka na diyan sa Blue Lemonade mo?" Tanong ni Jamie. Kaming dalawa lang kasi ni Jamie ang umiinom ng beer na inorder niya. Oh! And we're not on a super slutty dress. Mirden is cute on her black skirt and light blue long sleeves that matched her glasses. Si Jamie naman is on her yellow cocktail dress on spaghetti strap. Okay, it's less slutty compared to those girls on their thin silk with plunging necklines exposing their cleavage and small, as in barely covering their butts.

"Do you want me to throw up?" Tanong ni Mirden. Tumawa lang si Jamie at kumuha ng pork barbecue sa mesa. Well, they really got good choice of food, too.

"Hi." Sabay-sabay kaming lumingon sa lalaking nasa harap namin. He's cute, tall and nerdy in those glasses.

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Chapter 5: Dance with the Gangsters (Part 1)


Briana Eviganas Summer Leondale
Alex Pettyferas Van Freniere
Tyler Blackburnas Jin Cast
Lucas Tillas Ethan Montreal
Diana Agronas Trinity Domingo
Jay Em Sisonas Makki Sison
Mary Elizabeth Winsteadas Jaime Throckmorton
Dakota Fanningas Mirden Montgomery
Liam Hemsworthas Zach Martinia
Scarlett Johanssonas Autumn Leondale
Ben Barnesas Tres Freniere
Johnny Deppas Algernon Freniere
Channing Tatumas Detective Patrick Penber
Andrew Garfieldas Tyler Del Valle
Hayden Christensenas Lawrence Brooks
Megan Foxas Henrietta Arturia

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