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One Direction's Manager


Chapter 1

Harrys POV

"Guys get up!!" Julia shouts. "5 more minutes!" I yell.

I hear the door close and figure she left. Yes.

I all of a sudden feel the bed bouncing up and down.

"Come. On. Harry. Get. Your. Lazy Ass. Up!!" Julia shouts.

"Stop Jules!" I yell. I search for her ankle and pull her down on top of me.

"Ow!" I hear her groan. I laugh and roll over. Julia has her hair up in a bun and her giant glasses on.

Same as usual. "Come on Harry you have rehearsal at 2" She says.

I groan and sit up. Julia gets up and scurries out of the room probably to go make breakfast.

Julia has been my best friend since kindergarden. When me and my band One Direction got famous it sucked cause we couldnt bring Jules.

So just last year we got the idea of her being our assistant so than we could hang out more.

Its worked out pretty well.

I get out of my bed and walk over to my closet and pull on a black shirt and a pair of jeans.

I rush down stairs only to find the guys already seated at the table eating pancakes.

See you would think that having one girl in a house full of guys would be a bad thing but we all think of her as our little sister and also she is a complete tomboy.

She would probably be hot if she would only take off those darn glasses.

"Sit down and eat" Jules says while putting down a plate of pancakes on the table.

I sit down and do as she says. "So whats the schedule today?" Niall asks.

"Okay well you guys have a rehearsal at 2 and than your concert is tonight at 7 to 10. Simon wanted to have you guys do an interview at 5 but I moved it to next week because I didnt want you guys to be to tired for the concert tonight" Julia says while scarfling down her pancakes.

"Thanks Jules" I say.

"No problem" She says while smiling.

"Yea thank you we dont know what we would do without you" Zayn says.

"Hey guys its no problem" Jules says.

"Oh and its Harrys turn to do the dishes" She says before getting up to leave.

"Jules you suck" I say. "Love you too" She says while blowing me a kiss before leaving.

"So Harry when are you gonna tell Jules you have a crush on her?" Louis says.

"I do not have a crush on her!" I say.

"Oh please its obvious!" Zayn says.

"Guys she is not my type believe me" I say.

The guys all share a look. "Whatever" Liam says while getting up.


Julias POV

We are all now currently in the limo driving to the guys rehearsal and let me just say I am dead tired.

"Hey Jules are you okay?" Niall asks. "Huh yeah yeah" I say.

I feel my eyes closing again. "Have you been sleeping?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah jeez Jules you have really bad bags under your eyes." Harry says.

"Oh its nothing really" I say. I open my eyes to see them all looking at me in disbelief.

Huh wow it took them that long to notice this. Sometimes I think they dont even know I exist.

I have been working a second job for over 2 months now and the hours are crazy.

I even told them this. Huh shows how much I am listened to.

"look were here" I say as I get out of the limo.

"Hey Julia hey boys" Simon says.

"Hey" we all reply.

"Well we actually need your help deciding who you want to be in your music video" Simon says.

"What makes you beautiful?" Harry asks.

"Yep now come on their over here" He says.

He takes us over and as soon as we enter the room a bunch of shriesks are heard.


Are you kidding me. I take my giant migrane and head over to a couch.

The boys follow and sit next to me.

Harry puts his arm around my shoulder.

The first set of girls come out and let me tell you they look like a bunch of hookers.

I decide to close my eyes and try to rest. But its kind of hard to ignore the guy you love who is sitting right next to you rating a bunch of hoes from one to ten.

I lean onto  the side of the couch and close my eyes again. This time falling into a deep sleep.


Harrys POV

"Okay well I think that Laura girl is pretty hot" Zayn says. 

"Yea and also Claire" I say.

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