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Tagalog-English Dictionary (U-Y)


Letrang U

Uban - Uwang

uban - white hair; gray hair

ubanin - has lots of white hair; getting old

ubas - grape

ubo - cough; to cough

ubod - core

ubos - consumed; depleted

ubusin - to consume all; to deplete

ubuhin - prone or susceptible to cough

udlot - taken aback

udyok - urge; encourage; desire

udyukan - to urge; to encourage

English as second language for Filipinos by Katig.Com

uga - v. shake

ugain - v. to shake

ugali - n. habit; practice; manner

ugaliin - to make a habit of; to make a practice of

ugat - n. root

ugat - n. vein

ugit - rudder

ugma - fit; match

ugmain - to fit; to match

ugnay - connect; join

ugnayan - connection; joint

ugnayin - to connect; to join

ugod - hobble

ugok, slang - stupid

ugong - sound; noise

ugoy - v. swing

ugoyin - v. to swing

uha - cry of an infant

uhales - buttonhole

uhaw - n. thirst

uhaw - adj. thirsty

uhawin - to be thirsty

uhetes - eyelets

uhog - mucus

uhugin - with runny nose; having or producing mucus

uka - rupture; a break or hole

uka-uka - has plenty of ruptures or holes

ukit - curve; curving

ukitin - to curve

ukol - for; intended

ulam - viand; dish

ulamin - to eat as a viand or dish

ulan - rain

ulanin - to get wet from the rain

ulap - cloud

ulat - report

uli - again

ulila - orphan

ulilahin - to be orphaned

uling - charcoal; coal

ulinig - hear; listen

ulinigin - to hear; to listen

uliran (huwaran) - ideal; role model

ulirat - consciousness; awareness

ulit - repeat; again

ulitin - to repeat; to do again

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