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When Karma Comes Knocking



I reached up on my tip toes, and dragged my hand over my high shelf. Collecting the small knick-knacks, and a couple of books, I threw them into the cardboard box. I walked over to my other shelf and did the same; clearing them of my belongings. I thought I had them all, until my hand hit a ruffle-like piece of paper. Furrowing my eyebrow together in confusion, I grabbed onto it and pulled the unknown item out. As soon as I realised what it was, I glared at the old invitation between my fingers.

It’s a party at Page’s House. In ‘celebration’ her Fatty friend, Vanessa Hatty.

Be sure to arrive at 3:30, at the back door.

My teeth clenched together and I stopped myself from reading, I was nearly ready to crumble the card up. But I didn’t. I needed to save this, so nothing like this could happen again. The ends of my lips curved into an empty smile. I couldn't help it, no matter how hurtful it was, I couldn't let go of the stupid thing.

I dropped the box and walked over to my chest. It was an old rusty vault that I had used to hold everything from my past. All the dirty, nasty and cruel notes and papers about me. I kept them all there, even after I was told to get rid of them. Looking at the tiny webs covering the old thing, I smiled slightly. I knew exactly what was in the contents of the chest.

I reached out and touched the rusty lock that securely held the trunk close. With a sigh I let my fingers run across the corroded and rough surface. The lock was old and dusty from years of not being used but the key still remained in place, never had it been moved. The clasp that kept this trunk closed for so many years; never had it been opened. Until now… I gripped the lock tightly, and twisted the key further into the hole, before pulling it out with a click from the lock. The hatch broke open and the rusty lock fell to the floor. I looked down at it, before looking into the huge chest. Inside held the letters and notes, all cruel and unfriendly. All from years back, but they were kept in the box so securely.

 Ignoring the dust that flew in my face, I stuck my hand into the vault, and dug out some cards, until I finally got one. The one I really needed. The one that actually hurt… hurt me the most. Just looking at it trigged old memories. Memories of my oblivion. 

                                              *  *  *

I walked down the hall excited of the news Page had told me. I was so grateful to have a friend as great as Page.


She was so nice to me, and she was so pretty, everyone liked her. Unlike me. I was fat and ugly; no one liked me, no one... I always wondered why someone like her was my best friend. Why couldn't everyone be like her instead, beautiful on the inside and outside, like Page?


So Page was having a party at her house, and I was invited! This was a first… Well, I know what you're thinking, 'Why hadn't Page every invited me?' At first I was a little hurt that she'd never invited me to any of her parties, but she had a good reason.

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Chapter 1: Coming Back


Samantha Boscarinoas Vanessa Hatty
Mackenzie Foyas Bonnie Castler
Logan Lermanas Jake Castler
Aaron Johnsonas Chase Castler
Alex Evansas Harry Zukes
Lauren Conradas Page Jackson
Kaya Scodelario as Katelyn James
Madison Pettisas Sophia Gonzalez
Tiffany Hwangas Lucille Nguyen

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