Excuse Me, I'm Andy Biersack! ( Andy Biersack Love story)


Hey guys it's ScarVincent updating for Lightningthunderstien since she apparently quit wattpad? I was never informed that she did until today so..I guess I'll be writing I dunno...Kinda hope I don't change the story to much for her...<3you~Scar


Scar's POV

"Hey Andy...Ashley kinda kicked me out of the room so he could fuck..can I please please please bunk with you tonight? You're the only one who doesn't have someone else bunking with them..." I ran up to Andy out of breath.

He jumped ten feet in the air from grabbing his bags. 

"Damn Scar way to sneak up on somebody but yeah...you can but my room only has one bed..."He says awkwardly. 

"I'm kinda a snuggler..but I could sleep on the floor..I don't mind" I say shyly..

I had talken to Andy the least on tour..I had came close to Motionless In White, a band they were touring with  mostly because I was a big fan of theirs and me being the guitar techie I just felt like I was already around the guys enough that they didn't want me always around..therefor I turned to Motionless In White (sorry for adding ANOTHER band but...idea just kinda flew out of me)

"Noooo I'm use to snugglers seeing both Scout and Juliet were snugglers when we were dating" He rushes. I raise my drawn on eyebrows, compared to exgirlfriends suddenly? (Pic of Scar on side!)

"Ermm okay" I say brushing my green/black hair out of my eyes. 

I grabbed one of his bags for him. May I add the bags were heavy as fuck. "Cmon snuggle buddy." I say rolling my eyes. I locked eyes with Chris from Motionless in White, and winked "Hey eyebrow buddy" I mouthed.

He chuckled before making out his room numbers. 666 perfect number for Chris. Yes this was a five star hotel with six floors. 

Andy rolled his eyes. "Skank" he jokes slightly pushing me. 

"Lol noooo. It's not like that. It's just Chris has a problem and I'm kinda the one fixing it. And before you even say no it's not a sexual problem. I'm not like that and neither is Chris" I say in a state-of-fact matter. 

"I never implied thatttttt" Andy sings Mischief in his eyes.

What have I gotten my self into?


Again this chapter was written by ScarVincent. Pic on side is of Scar..or what I imagined her as, sorry if I fucked up a little...I'm wriiting this really fast and I needed something to get my ideas flowing for a new story and I thought this would be the perfect way since Ive wanted to write a chapter on this forever. Sorry if it's sucky ~Scar.

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