Voiceless ♪ (Available in Bookstores Nationwiide)


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It's so noisy...

Can someone turn it off...

Please stop making noises...

Stop, listen to me please...

With all the voices around me, even if I try speaking...

I'll end up feeling so...


...can someone hear me?

- - - - - - - -

Her name's Momoxhien Clarkson.

She loves Syntax Error, her fave band.

She meets 'em in a very embarrassing situation.

She gets to work for them.

She discovers a lot of things about her favorite band.

Then suddenly her life gets complicated, from a fan turns to a friend and... also a lover.

But she discovers more... can she bear all of it?

Up to what point can she consider herself a fan?


Story not available, it will be available in bookstores nationwide this September 2013

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Voiceless ♪


Ai Otsukaas Momoxhien Clarkson
Choi Jong Hunas Sync Mnemosyne
Lee Jae Jinas Zeke Micheal
Yu Shirotaas Mirko Capobianco
Rina Suzukias Corrine Laranza
Erika Sawajiri as Aila Santiez
Jung Yong Hwa as Kevin Sy
Umeda Erikaas Iris Mendoza
Choi ji wooas Manager Ree
Dennis Ohas Manager Luke

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