Because The Bad Boys Said So .1

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Because The Bad Boys Said So

"Charisse, did you hear that Chase got arrested a few weeks ago?" One girl pestered her friend as I sat down in my usual spot behind them while dumping my bag onto the desk and sitting down quietly.

"What? Seriously?" Her friend's eyes widened in curiosity

Denise nodded her head. "Yeah, apparently he was caught beating the shit out of some guy. He's in hospital now!" She kept on going.

Charisse looked at Denise in disbelief. "Why though?" She asked.

"That guy began threatening Chase and Chase completely lost it..."

I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Again, one of the school bad boys had been arrested. I really wasn't that surprised. They were dangerous. The whole school would cower in fear if one of the boys even looked in they're direction.

Chase, Drew, Josh and Taylor.

They were the 'Dangerous Four' and really, I was sick of them. They harassed everyone in the school. They would beat people up who would just do the smallest of things wrong. They were total stuck-up dickheads. And a girl like me could never stand up to them. As much as I did want to, I don't think going up to them and calling them 'stuck-up dickheads' would get me anywhere but the hospital.

Ignoring the girls coversation I opened up my book waiting for the teacher to walk into the classroom. No wonder Chase hadn't been at school for the past few days. He'd gotten himself arrested. Big shocker there.

One of Chase's buddies Drew walked into the class and everyone's eyes had turned to him. I forgot he had this class with me. His muscles were bulging out his t-shirt but you couldn't really see them because of his black leather jacket on top. His brown hair was had the messy just-got-out-of-bed look to it with matching hazel eyes. All in all, he was hot. All of the members of 'the dangerous four' were hot.

Chase walked in behind him and then smirked at all the staring faces. He had been released by the police I guess. Black, slightly spiked up hair made up his 'bad boy' image. I couldn't help but stare at the boys who were now walking to get to their seats. Drew looked back at Chase and told him something and Chase chuckled looking around at the class again. His eyes settled on me and quickly I looked to other side with my heart pounding wildly.

God, he was intimidating. I looked down at my brown hair twisting it around my fingers as if that was the most interesting thing in the world.

Thankfully the teacher then walked into the class and began the lesson. I jotted down the notes that I needed and when the bell rang I walked of to my next lesson.

On my way I found Julie who had the same lesson as me. English. As soon as she saw me she quickly made her way over. "Oh My God Sandy, you wont believe what I heard during my last lesson," She started without even a proper greeting, her blonde hair bobbing up and down her shoulders and her blue eyes twinkling.

"Hello to you to Julie." I mumbled.

"Oh, yeah sorry. Hey!" She smiled widly. I rolled my eyes but a small smile played at the edge of my lips.

"Well anyway, I heard some girls talking during class and they said that Chase got arrested!" She whispered loudly so only I could hear her.

I nodded my head. "I know." Julie's face grew confused

"You do?"

"Mhmmm...." I barely said anything.

Julie nodded her head slightly and then kept on going. "But, what is that, like the 20th time." She said like she still couldn't believe it.