Writing tips to get more reads, votes, and comments on Wattpad

Top writing tips for Wattpad

These 7 strategies will help you to attract more readers and get your stories noticed.

1. Update your stories regularly

Post new, short chapters 1 to 3 times a week, and announce your posting schedule to your readers.

2. Make your stories stand out

  • Upload a nice cover image

  • Write a story description

  • Add descriptive tags

  • Add images and YouTube videos to each part

  • Turn your story into an audiobook

3. Talk to your readers

Always reply to comments on your stories. Don’t forget to @-mention your fans.

I can’t stop reading this story. The characters feel so REAL! How does she do that?
I know! I literally stayed up until 2AM because I needed to know what happened next.
Thanks @kaifamed and @falswimmer! Just wait until you see the next chapter...

4. Follow other writers

Follow other Wattpadders, and read, vote, and comment on their stories.

5. Share stories on social media

Post quote art and links to your stories on your favorite social networks.

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6. Challenge your writing

Enter a Wattpad writing contest to reach new audiences and get inspiration from writing prompts.

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