Writer Programs & Opportunities

Writers like you are the heartbeat of the Wattpad community. We work tirelessly to create programs to support creativity and growth, and opportunities to help writers connect their stories with new audiences. From online programs like The Wattys to IRL events like WattCon, there’s something for everyone.

WattCon is on hold for 2019

Hello Wattpadders! As anyone who attended WattCon 2018 in NYC will attest, the incredible event brought our community together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the power of storytelling. We left the event feeling inspired and humbled by the immense talent within the Wattpad community. While we look forward to making more IRL memories together in the near future, we wanted to let you know we won’t be holding a WattCon in 2019. Why? Our focus this year is on programs that positively impact our community around the world on a global scale. We believe that at Wattpad, we have a responsibility to help discover, elevate, and celebrate diverse voices in as many countries, cultures, and languages around the world as we can. And while attending WattCon has had a HUGE impact on the lives of our community members fortunate enough to experience the magic in person, we want to bring a bit of that magic to the rest of our community around the world this year. And that means dedicating all the resourcing in service to this mission. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on the Wattpad programs that reach and nurture our community all around the globe. Programming like our newly revamped [Writers 101](https://www.wattpad.com/writers/) site, with tips, resources, and tools designed to take your story to the next level. Or Paid Stories, which is enabling Wattpad writers from around the globe an opportunity to earn money for the work. Our newly relaunched Wattpad Stars program, which is empowering rising talent to harness their potential. And of course, we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary of The Wattys right now! As you may have noticed, we’ve completely revamped the submission process for The Wattys—a change we know our community is excited about. These kinds of investments take a lot of time and resources, but they impact a lot of people. That’s why they’re important to us. Sincerely, Your friends at Wattpad HQ

Where Writers Grow.

Where Writers Grow.

WattCon is Wattpad’s premier event for writers. At Wattpad, we see value in the relationships the members of our community form with each other (and us!). That’s why we’ve created an event where we celebrate stories and the people who tell them. Wherever you’re at in your journey as a writer, you’ll come away with inspiration, mentorship, and a renewed passion for your craft.


We’re gearing up for some great talks with up-and-coming writers, Wattpad Stars, and industry experts geared towards answering the big questions writers have at every stage of the journey. Why? Because no matter where you’re at—whether you’re writing your very first story, or trying to develop your existing writing career—other writers get it.

Mentorship and Guidance

From setting realistic goals to beating writer’s block, to building out your audience, whatever challenges you’re facing right now, we’re here to help you work through it all with advice you can actually use, and mentorship from someone who’s been there, too.


Writing workshops give our writers the chance to learn from the pros. Whether it’s tips on plotting a story or preparing one for publication, there’s a choice of educational experiences at WattCon.

Attend remotely via WattCon Live

The Wattpad community spans the globe, and we want to make sure every reader and writer can connect with WattCon in real time, even if they’re in Australia, Europe, or the Philippines. Can’t make it in person? You can still experience all the highlights of WattCon in real-time through our livestream

Opportunities for writers to share, collaborate and connect

Wattpadders are better together. And Wattpad is the world’s largest social storytelling platform. That’s what makes WattCon special—it’s a chance to meet, converse and collaborate with Wattpad community members from around the world. And this year you’ll have two full days to make those connections, meet your heroes, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Past WattCon

Here's a recap of WattCon 2017, held on October 21st, 2017 at Wattpad HQ in Toronto, Canada