Writer Programs & Opportunities

Writers like you are the heartbeat of the Wattpad community. We work tirelessly to create programs to support creativity and growth, and opportunities to help writers connect their stories with new audiences. From online programs like The Wattys to IRL events like WattCon, there’s something for everyone.

Become a Wattpad Star

Who are the Wattpad Stars?

Wattpad Stars represent the most influential and aspirational writers on the platform. These storytellers understand how to craft stories that drive mass engagement and show the potential for partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

What does the program offer?

The Wattpad Stars program is a collaborative, supportive and engaged group of writers who focus their efforts on enhancing their skills and taking their stories to the next level. Wattpad provides Stars with various resources like a dedicated community portal, educational tools, industry events, and monthly newsletters. Additional opportunities present themselves as paid writing contests, writing for brand campaigns, and consideration for traditional publishing deals and even TV and film adaptation!

How can I get involved?

The Stars program is constantly expanding as Wattpad continues to strengthen ties with our partners around the world. There are more opportunities available through Wattpad than ever before, and many of these opportunities are facilitated through the Stars program.

We extend invitations to writers for the Stars program based on a few different criteria.

Generally, we look for:

  • Writers who are positive community members
  • Writers who have an engaged and growing audience base
  • Writers who actively update their stories and create new content, introducing fresh, new ideas through diverse, high-quality stories.

If this program sounds like it’s for you, make sure you keep writing great content and keep your readers engaged throughout the process. You may be tapped to join Wattpad Stars!