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Congratulations to Shay, author of Historically Inaccurate. This story has been selected by our judges and our Wattpad Books team to be developed into an upcoming Wattpad Books title. Look for it on bookshelves soon! Follow @WattpadBooks on Wattpad for future announcements and updates.


This award celebrates the swoon-worthy storytellers – the ones who tugged on our heartstrings and demanded our emotional investment, all while showing us the highs and lows of the human heart. In other words, these stories had our judges falling in love at first read—and we think you’ll swoon, too.


This award recognizes the worldbuilders – the ones who take us on fantastical adventures, heroic battles, and epic journeys to save people, kingdoms, or dynasties. Much like the writers who once guided us through Middle Earth, to Narnia, and beyond The Wall, the Fantasy award celebrates new Wattpad stories that explore new lands, ancient folklore, magical abilities, or supernatural creatures.


This award recognizes stories about the ups and downs of work, life, and love in that golden moment between your late teens and twenties. These stories explore all those life moments singular to early adulthood, whether it’s living with roommates, trying to find a job post-graduation, or discovering sexuality for the first time. These fresh stories provide a voice for those trying to “adult” in this day and age.


This award goes to the forward-thinkers – the writers who evoked a sense of wonder in us. The ones who unraveled new realities, and sent us shooting into the void. The Science Fiction award recognizes new stories on Wattpad that center around science and technology. Like the greats before them—Star Trek, Westworld, or The Fifth Season—these sci-fi stories challenge us to think differently about the world we live in.


This award champions emerging writers (or the young at heart!) that navigate the teen experience. Whether it’s coping with loss, exploring gender and sexuality, or dealing with a high school crush, these stories capture an authentic teen voice and the emotional stakes of growing up. First loves, first losses, first conflicts, first times. These stories are proof that, at any age, a teenaged tale can still resonate.


This award honours the writers who kept us on the edge of our seats and glued to our screens. Whether we were solving a crime or racing against the clock to stop one from happening, the Mystery & Thriller award celebrates stories with intricate plots, high stakes, or lots of suspense. Like Gone Girl, The Widow, or The Hound of the Baskervilles before them, these fresh new stories will bring out your inner detective.


This award is for the fear-seekers. The writers who showed us the best takes on our worst nightmares. Dead or undead, supernatural or natural, the Horror & Paranormal award celebrates stories that gave us all the thrills and chills. These stories fed into our deepest terrors and kept us up at night. Grab a flashlight.


This award recognizes the writers who took us on a journey through the past, who created worlds with lush, historical settings, gothic architecture, Roman battle tactics, and everything between. The Historical Fiction award is for new stories that give us a glimpse of what it was like to live during a different time period through the eyes of well-loved historical figures or original characters. Ready for a history lesson? Read on.


This award honors new Wattpad stories that gave us the worlds we love, the characters we know, and the stories we’re so obsessed with. Wattpad writers’ fandom knows no bounds and these stories are all the proof we need. The winning stories challenged and changed beginnings, endings, and relationships while staying true to the heart of the story. These stories offered fresh alternatives, rewrites, and divergent storylines for some of our favorite characters or worlds—allowing us to spend a little more time with them after the book closes and the credits roll.


This award celebrates the poets. The ones who shape language and form to evoke emotion. The talented wordsmiths who radically reconstruct language to tell a story, and use images and words to draw out visceral feelings. Strong poetry collections carry themes and characters along the way. Just like Morgan Parker, Rupi Kaur, and Sherman Alexie, these poets know how to reshape language, create a narrative, and incite a reaction.


This award shines a spotlight on real-life storytellers who weren’t afraid to put their truths to the page. The ones who told us authentic stories through prose and encapsulate unique lived experiences. From political realities to personal essays, these stories prove that real life can be just as interesting as fantasy.


This award recognizes the writers who artfully wove language and prose with style. The stories who explored the inner and outer lives of characters. The contemporary stories that explored the profundity of the human condition. Looking for enlightening and slow-paced narratives like The Road, Less, and Exit West? These Watty winners will deliver.

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