The Wattys

The World’s Largest Online Writing Contest

The annual Wattys Awards celebrate the best in digital storytelling. This year was the very first time we invited our global community to participate, and it was a huge success!

We received over 75,000 entries from all over the world - the highest number of entries in Wattys history.

Here are this year's winners:

People’s Choice

We asked you to nominate and vote for your fave stories of 2015. After one week of votes and thousands of tweets, here are the stories that won People’s Choice Awards, and your hearts.

Hot Genre Award: New Adult Romance

This award recognizes new adult storytelling. Enter the world of “firsts”: First love, first job, first college experience. Give in to all kinds of intense first emotions with this year’s winners.

Hot Genre Award: LGBT+

The LGBT+ community has a huge presence on Wattpad, and contributes some of our favorite reads. Have a peek at the very best this genre had to offer this year.

Hot Genre Award: Urban

From thug love to interracial romance, this was a big year for Wattpad's urban community. Here are this year’s winners.

Hot Genre Award: The Fanfiction Feels

This award celebrates stories that push the boundaries of fictional worlds. Here’s the best and most inventive fanfic this year - based on books, TV shows, comics, cartoons, theater, and more.

Hidden Gems

This award recognizes some up-and-coming Wattpadders with stories we’re loving. Have a read and contribute to their new-found momentum.

Beginner’s Luck

This award celebrates some of the best stories by people who joined Wattpad in the last six months. Is it beginner’s luck? Have a read - our Spidey Sense tells us you might see more of these writers in the future.

Talk of the Town

These stories have seen gossip, heated debates, and tens of thousands of comments each. Read up and join the conversation on the most commented-on stories of 2015.

Collector’s Dream

We love when Wattpadders collect their favorite stories. You’re likely to find at least one of these tales in libraries across Wattpad - they’re the most-added stories of 2015.

Best Use of Visuals

Images and videos can do wonders to help set a scene. Here are entries that made the best use of visual storytelling.


The numbers don’t lie. According to Wattpad’s data scientists, these are the most addictive stories on Wattpad - readers just had to read them, cover-to-cover.

#JustWriteIt Award

Every month, Wattpad hosts a #JustWriteIt challenge, where Wattpadders pledge to write a story in 30 days. This was a special Wattys Edition, for those who wanted to write specifically for The Wattys. Here are our favorites, all written in just 30 days or less.

HQ Love

The HQ Love award recognizes the stories that are most read by staff at Wattpad HQ. We hope you’ll enjoy these reads as much as we did.

Congratulations to all the Winners

We hope this gives you enough reading material for the next little while. Thanks to those who entered! If you want to know more about the Wattys or can’t wait to get started on next year’s entry, follow @TheWattys profile.

Feel free to peruse last year's winners for even more inspiration.