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The Wattpad Prize

The Wattpad Prize represents the true spirit of expression by recognizing works of original fiction and original non-fiction, by Wattpadders from all over the world. This contest is Wattpad’s new, juried prize that celebrates both writers and readers from the community. To judge the Wattpad Prize, a panel of experts was chosen, comprised of the most dedicated and active Wattpad readers.

2014 Wattpad Prize Winners

The Wattpad Prize was a great success with over 3,500 original stories submitted in the original fiction and original non-fiction genres. We are overjoyed with the number of quality works entered, and we would like to thank everyone who participated. You can see all the entries and find your favorites by checking the #wattpadprize14 tag.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the first ever Wattpad Prize:

Best Love Story

votes 65,765 views 2,144,524 comments 13,354
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Best Comedy

Skype Call
votes 60,433 views 1,784,873 comments 22,336
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Best Tragedy

shades of blue
votes 43,963 views 694,474 comments 5,787
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Best Epic

The Gauntlet
votes 37,706 views 1,394,738 comments 4,344
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Best Escape

The Lost Archive
votes 2,437 views 45,562 comments 135
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Best Inspirational Story

Before the Sky Fell
votes 9,503 views 855,290 comments 2,243
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Best Memoir

Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox
votes 4,572 views 387,696 comments 495
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Best Suspense Story

Awakening - The Dark Rituals
votes 49,781 views 2,010,879 comments 9,000
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Best True Story

Empty Hand Revolution
votes 1,018 views 26,260 comments 185
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Best Imaginative Story

The Earl of Brass
votes 1,949 views 47,812 comments 610
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Wattpad Prize Jury

To form the jury for the Wattpad Prize, we approached some of the community's most dedicated, experienced, and engaged readers. Here are this year’s judges:


The winning writers will receive a Wattpad Prize Writer Award, which will include a mailed hardcover copy of their winning story, official congratulatory letter, and be featured on the Wattpad website and mobile apps over the month of July.