well guys I'm jasmine 
i have also share another account with GoToHellsForHevensSake we are called jammireturns
music is my life get used to it
i love giving birth to my books they are my baby's
if you don't like me oh well
i fan back
i love my fans
I'm bi
i am a free spirit
i love metal
i am punk Emo or whatever you wanna call me
i love bands speaking of bands i might do a fanatic i don't know yet
i love i mean love The Walking Dead.
i am against bulling
I am a hard core Larry stylinson shipper
i am odd
i love punk
i love neon green with black
5sos is the best
get used to it
i am a major fangirl
i don't keep up with my story
i am weird
i love AHS
I am a 5sos fan
I like punk music
I love London
I am a dork
I have 12 animals
I am a rocker
I am into many different music types!
I don't judge so come as you are!
Music is love music is live!
I love AND I MEAN LOVE music.

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zzjazzyminezz zzjazzyminezz 8 months ago
Being like the only directioner who won't ever get to meet the boys it kinda hurts
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