Yo wad up! Okay so I made a second back up acc which is @analyzingziam_ and I’ve got a new story on there called Mor•phine, it is ww2 themed and yes there is Larry in it as well. Go check it out and vote and comment hehe. Much love ❤️☺️


@ziamslyfe would love to!


          As we all know One Direction's tenth anniversary is coming up in a few months. There are fan projects for Story Of My Life and Drag Me Down to reach 1 billion streams by the anniversary.
          Some points have been observed:
          -YouTube doesn't count the videos without the initiation of the user.
          -Don't use spam comments or watch bots.
          -YouTube doesn't count more than 5 views from a certain user in one day.
          -You only have to watch 40 seconds to get a view.
          -Avoid multiple windows and refreshing while streaming.
          Only stream the official video right now.
          What you need to do is:
          Stream Drag Me Down and Story Of My Life alternatively for 40-50 seconds 5 times a day. Three thousand people have to follow this strictly to reach 1 billion. Don't think that you don't matter, I get busy and I think that I'm one little view it's fine. But the problem is others start thinking that too. This will only take you 5-10 minutes per day.
           #DragMeDownTo1B #StoryOfMyLifeto1B


          I was wondering if you'd like to check out my stories I think you might wanna read a new ones so please if you're interested please tell me what do think about them I really work hard on them and I do my best to make each book better and better, btw I love you so much Hannah and I really appreciate your hard work on "dragon fly" I was sad that is done and I follow you on Instagram your acc is much a masterpiece proving that ziam is real (Oh my zarents and oh my ziam heart ❤) 


Be honest how’s my writing? I’m really curious. Feel free to help critique me because I really want to give you guys better content etc . ❤️


@ziamslyfe i love your writing ❤


@ziamslyfe Your writing is amazayn. You add details and you make it fun and I'm always on the edge of my seat. When I start to read your stories it's hard to stop because every thing that is written always makes me think and want to know more


Heya Zimsters! so here’s some news I am doing a Ziam Christmas Special this year for the very first time. Everything is being pre written so by November 23rd-December 31st there will be a new chapter updated every day. The Christmas special will be called The Nutcracker based on the new Nutcracker and the Four Realms movie coming out. ☺️ I hope to have a trailer out by November. The trailer will hopefully be made by my friend if not then I guess I’ll have my DMs and message board open for anyone interested in making a trailer for the upcoming Christmas special. Much love ❤️ ~Hannah


@ziamslyfe look forward to the new story 


Yoooo Chapter 21 in Dragonfly will be up in a few. In this next chapter I encourage y’all to ask the characters some questions because why not? haha it’s fun...anygays the chapter will be hella long sooooo get prepared for that. Much love❤️. (Btw I don’t get this update but whatever)