I'm a writer that has too little time on her hands.

With the small amount of time that I can salvage, however, I tend to write, throw things out, write some more, grumble about them and - oh. Lookie there. No more time.

Anything that makes it on my profile is a miracle.

Anyway, sometimes I do exciting things. Like get post-12 a.m. snacks.

Other interesting things about me: I can eat sweets for eternity, I hate the color yellow, and I am a huge cinnamon bun aficionado.

Feel free to peruse my works...that I haven't added onto in a while. I should probably do that. I think I'm losing followers.

Also find me here: @aries_34 (I update this profile more frequently for some reason. Peruse over there too, some of my much more recent writing style stuff can be found there!)

The Guardian Series by @dusty03. Definitely. Demons, half-demons, angst and some humor your thing? This is your series.
Moria's Insanity by @gogeckos1123. Love incredibly crafted rhythmic rhyme and a bit of creepy-crazy? Read it. She's on volume two. There's supposed to be more to come. Huzzah!
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zebralou zebralou May 17, 2015 02:09AM
I haven't been on this profile in what feels like a million years and yet I still have 50-something followers? I'm surprised no one has abandoned all hope (ye who enter here!) in this profile at this...
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