Hi Everyone, 
          	I've been gone for so long! 
          	I've been thinking about continuing with writing ... 
          	Should I? Tell me what you think


@zabellerain Yes, ABSOLUTELY, I read all 3 of your books, and believe me when I say you are the best writer that ever wrote anything on Wattpad, HECK! Your books rank as one of my favorite books to ever read! I also love how you keep things wholesome, yet, you add a bit of spice to it, and finally, you are put so much detail and work to it, you use a sophisticated but still simple in a good way kind of writing, and that's so little of the things I love about your book, and I would love if you come back and make more amazing books.


@MarieMolina29  Yeah and that says a lot seeing as how wattpad is literally an app made for writers and readers.


@zabellerain  Yes please! U r an amazing writer and storyteller.  Please don't leave all of us here without ur wonderful books....  :(


          Just want to let you know that your story has been stolen. On NowNovel. When I am found by my alpha mate, that's what it is under.


Hi I am a reader from Cuba. Can I translate your story to spanish? Please!


Hi permission to post? 
          "The RAPTURE will begin soon."
          Don't waste time. Dont wait for the time where you would beg God to accept you when you did nothing to hold on unto Him.


Hi sis, i want to ask, has your story 'marked by the alpha' been made into a book? Or is it still complete on Wattpad?
          * I just want to make sure before reading : )


Hi author new reader & followers here, just starting to read advance thank u for story, keep safe