A learning specialist teacher at Growing Up Green Charter School II, Yuvraj Verma is simultaneously pursuing a PhD at William Howard Taft University. Verma formerly taught kindergarten and fifth grade. Verma's role as a learning expert allows him to work with children to satisfy their educational needs. Verma is delighted to help children learn to code since he feels they can use coding abilities in other aspects of their lives.

Verma, a teacher, knows the value of flexibility and working within the present educational system. The challenge of educating pupils electronically has been welcomed by Yuvraj Verma, who has implemented new teaching approaches that keep students engaged from afar.
Yuvraj Verma opted to continue his schooling after finishing his undergraduate courses. He picked William Howard Taft University for his Ph.D. in technology and leadership. Verma understands how being a school leader can benefit his students and coworkers, and how mastering new technologies may help him communicate with kids and help them thrive in their future education and professions.
Honors and Awards
Yuvraj Verma received a 50% Roger J Duthoy Scholarship from William Howard Taft University. Verma said he was delighted to guide children and teach them about technology since technological skills are essential in today's increasingly digital society.
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