-favorite colors are 




-Favorite shows are

-Adventure time


-Sponge bob square pants-

-Regular Show

-I am between girly and a tom boy.

-I am straight but I have bi and guy friends.

-I am


-kind but if you get me mad or don't shut up I will go crazy.



-a book worm






- a bit perverted from my friends

-I love carrots

-obviously candy







-ice cream

-I love to read,write,draw,sing,color,and dance which you probably already know if we talked before.

-Favorite bands are

-Cold play

-Simple Plan

-Finger Eleven

-Boys Like Girls

-I love to play video games and joke around.

-I will laugh at something that happened yesterday or just remembered

-I have a weak spot for being tickled or poked so don't do it.

-I love to help people with their clothes( not that there is something wrong with that)
Almost every summer i help the elderly out.
I have a dog named Kujo.
I like guys with short hair(whatever color)poetic,kind,average
height,athlete,can dance,and complements you.
I also play tennis.
I don't chat but i would love to talk to other people.

@storylover11 -She Is SO amazing and awesome if you get a chance to talk to her then you were just struck with Pure COOLNESS.P.S. HER NAME IS NEMO!!!.XD CAN MAKE THE BEST EVER COVERS!!!.

@ilovemusic44- Is one of the Most Coolest Person YOU could ever meet & talk to.Her NAme is LITTLE BLUE.She's awesome and (love) PICKLES,CHOCOLATE,AND ALMONDS.She is DEFINITELY my TWIN. LOVES MY FAV SUBJECT INCLUDING RANDOMNESS.

@Always_Love_Ireland - This GIRL is TOTALLY SWEET,NICE,KOOL,CRAZY,AWESOME,BUBBLY, and a bit SHY but without HER I probably WOULD NOT have gotten SOO much INSPIRATION for POEMS.
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yousuckatlove1 yousuckatlove1 Jun 27, 2015 08:35PM
wow haven't been on in a while but I'd love to read and promote new stories or poetry! 
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