A lot of you have been asking me to update "Behind White Walls" so here's a lil update. I'm not making any promises but -- we'll see where this goes :)


@yourstruly_red Thank you so much!!!! 


I swear Toxic is such a good book like ur style of writing is just perfect I LOVE IT . Keep up the good work 


i don't even have any words to describe how your poetry made me feel.... it was an ineffable feeling that shook me to the core. keep writing, dear artist. keep creating this art that posses the power to heal and break souls. 


Also, may I ask where I can get a..
          Cole - The Badboys Girl
          Kayden - Perfect Addiction
          Jaycen - eeee  Phantasmal duh what else.
          Jake - Because We Fell ermeeeergerd.