i live in London and i only just started writing stories although i've been using Wattpad for a few years now.. I started writing on wattpad on a whim because I've been making up stories and plot lines in my head for ages whilst critiquing other wattpad books and challenging myself to create less cliche endings. With that said I hope you enjoy my book/s
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youhavenoclue youhavenoclue Aug 14, 2013 12:08PM
I will post chapter five of Escape!  When I get too 100 reads I know it's not a lot but I only need 21 MORE READS COME ON YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE !! Xx 
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Description: "“I woke up, what 10 minutes ago? Feeling like I’ve just been pushed out of a plane 4,000ft high. Just to have you attempt to offer me some sort of parachute with you words of wisdom” I laughed at the iro...


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