Getting my masters in English and then going for my PhD in comparative literature. I research the history of brain science and trace its influences on society within literature. (If you have any questions about Victorian literature--Dickens, Eliot, Shelley, Bronte etc. etc.--feel free to ask, I'll probably become annoyingly chatty.

Writing fiction was my first passion. Even before I was an avid reader I was an avid writer. I have been writing fiction for most of the past 11 years, and I feel I am finally starting to get good at it.

Oddly, I finished my first novel when I was 14. Writing that would make me feel pretentious if I had been able to finish another one since that time. I wrote without thought for other opinions of my work, I wrote for pleasure. I was inspired by the snow, by the forest behind my house, by interesting words, by abstract images in my mind. With age I've improved my craft, however I would gladly sacrifice whatever experience and skill I've gotten since I was young to return to the pure joy I used to get from writing. I still love it, but I lost something in the past decade.

I think of myself as having two distinct brains--an academic brain. This brain does research, writes academically, allows me to survive and thrive in school. Then there is my fiction brain (which is not to say that writing fiction is not also academic). It is difficult for the two to coexist--difficult for me to work on my MA Thesis AND a fantasy novel at the same time. But why not give it a try.
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yiddishpablo yiddishpablo Sep 22, 2015 01:05AM
I apologize for my lack of writing (not that many are reading my entirely un-promoted story). GREs, PhD apps, MA Thesis, and teaching have taken over my time. Will be less busy next week.
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