Annyeong everyone!^▽^>﹏<

Name: Adriana

Nickname: Yana, Adri, Ads, Adri-chan, Neki-chan

Talent: singing, ice skating, swimming, drawing, making stories on a notebook

Age: 13

Birthday: November 7, 2004

Smol or tall: smol bean ̄ 3 ̄

K-pop lover or Anime lover: bOtH 0^0

Favorite K-pop band: BTS, EXO Got7, Seventeen

My bias in BTS: Jin, J-hope

My bias in EXO: Xiumin, Baekhyun

My bias in Got7: Mark

My bias in Seventeen: Woozi, Wonwoo

Favorite color: orange, yellow, black, white, platinum yellow, green or dark green, dark red (like the blood!>:3)

Favorite animal: ALL OF DA WILD CATS!!! :DDDD

favorite anime: Yuri!!! On ice,
Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Free!!!


Favorite food: chicken, fries, chips
(lol junkfoods 4 lyf XD)

Everyone thinks of me: cute, annoying, funny, nice and a punk girl in school

What I think of myself: a punk girl, loner, suicidal😔

Personality: Tsundere sometimes YANDERE

Thats all for now! See ya!!! 👋^▽^
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