New pic and yup sure is. That's me =]

What's up ya'll my name is Rebecca Im 22 and im in my second year of college I am a writer. A reader. I'm a fighter for what I believe in. And I'm a lover for the things that make me happy. I love writing and I will never stop. I write different types of stories including wrestling, personal experiences, love, paranormal, and I'm working on a mystery story as we speak.

I thought about writing a blog but honestly i change my mind haha now all I want to do is post my stories lol.

I'm also making book covers!! I have a site you can view to see the ones i have done so far. Let me know if you want on on my discussion page or leave a comment or message! =]

My Favorite Things/Tv Shows/Books/Movies/ETC
-Country Music
-Brantley Gilbert
-Jason Aldean
-John Cena
-Chelsea Lately
-American Hoggers
-Storage Wars
-True Blood (love me some Joe M)

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Chapter 18 uploaded!!
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