Hey all!!! My name is Candice. I love boyxboy stories. Love this site. I just finished writing my first boyxboy story. Thanks for all of the love over the last four years!!
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xxxCandyCane16xxx xxxCandyCane16xxx Apr 22, 2014 02:24PM
Just uploaded a new chapter of it started with a dare. And I already started writing the next one. 
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Description: Cassy Lang finally had it. She broke down emotionally and landed herself in a mental institution. This is her road to recovery and change. There will be laughs and tears. Ps: this is based on my true story...


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Thoughts from the Heart

Thoughts from the Heart

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This will just be a compilation of poetry that I will write. Feel free to leave comments if you want

It started with a dare... (BoyxBoy)

It started with a dare... (BoyxBoy)

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Dylan and Landon have been best friend since elementary school. Then one night at a part they are dared...

Mature Completed


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Ok so I'm gonna be posting one shots here of just ideas I've thought of. They will all be boyxboy so don...

The Rant of a Former Convenience Store Clerk

The Rant of a Former Convenience Store Clerk

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This is a general rant type of post. All of the things I get annoyed about or funny stories from my expe...

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