I am just your average normal teenage girl. Okay let me clarify that for you people out there reading this horrible piece of writing I am weird in all possible ways you can think of, I dare you to look up weird in the dictionary and I guarantee you'll find my name beside it in brackets. OK moving on I'm very sarcastic, just call me the sarcasm goddess I mean I could actually write a book about my daily sarcastic comments to people I like, people I don't like and people I tolerate. I'm kinda mixed I'm both emo and friendly when I want to be. But piss me off and I kill you. I am a drama queen and I make situations awkward and I mean genuinely awkward. I love animes especially Naruto. I absolutely adore fanfiction especially about Naruto and Fairy Tail oh and did I mention that I am married to Naruto Uzumaki i love him so much *gets emotional and wipes away stray tear*. Anyways let me finish this thing *drum roll please* I love laughing it's just so fun.
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