Just three crazy azz gurls with a hope in making stories that you like :) <3

the 2 on the right love 1d the 1 on da left doesnt

maddi: one on da right (aka fitspatrick)
i like kitchen tiles
i like pigs
my sis used to poo in the corner and blame it on me
i dont like pears

christina: the one on the left (aka crostini)
love pie
love cream donuts
hate fruit cake
my bro and me used to eat dirt

autumn:one in da middle (aka autamati)
put on "rubber gloves" when she was little

dont cry because its over smile because it happened

3/4 of blue eyed ninjas OUT!
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xximjustmexx xximjustmexx Feb 03, 2013 02:25AM
you guys r welcome
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Description: When three New Zealand girls living in London get the chance to go on tour with One Direction, Autumn and Maddi freak out; but Christina on the other hand despises them. Lets just say this is gonna get interes...