-Hello fellow wattpaders! Thank you for stumbling across my profile! :D

-I hope you enjoy my works!

-I recommend these awesome people on wattpad! They are great writers!! :

Hey! This is TheGreatEscapeX doing Ezie's profile, cos I managed to hack in (I say hack, but it was more like she wanted to go on her profile on my phone and didn't log out). Anyways, Ez is an amazing writer and you should definitely check out her story, the Hostage, because it is the bomb! Fan her because she Id beautiful, lovely, sweet and amazing!!! - La
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xxeziexx xxeziexx Feb 20, 2014 04:28PM
@Ivory_Keys We have the same style, we are the coolest !!!
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The Hostage

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Description: Megan Williams loved her life, her family, her best friend Rosie Johnson, her friends and colleagues, she also fell in love with Jack Davies. Megan's heart always belonged to Jack in her eyes, but in his it w...


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