Ok, first things first. I am not really an 'I'; I am a 'we'. Yes, that is correct, I am two people... or rather, WE are two people who have a lot in common. Of course, at the same time, we're pretty different in our own ways too. But enough about us..

If you liked our stories, you should probably go check out our other works :D

- Forgive or Forget (xxLove_Pinkxx)
- Friends For Never? (converse_123)
- Our Crossed Paths (frogurtbananas)

and also, we'd be very happy if you checked out these stories:

- Girl on the Run (nightingale_27)
- the village (Platy_217)

ok I'll stop now, since I'm starting to feel like an advertiser -.-//

Erika & Hanbi :D
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xxdauntlessxx xxdauntlessxx Jul 10, 2012 11:29PM
i dont know how to express my sorry-ness for not uploading, BUT in reality, i have ;) I've edited half of WMITW and I'm working on the new chapter. Also, I have a new book on a different account call...
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