*Year - 2017
*Star sign - Aquarius
*Books read in a year - over 50, goal this year 100
*Family - 2 Brothers, 4 Sisters
*Books - Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Non-Fiction, etc
*Status - Single or Taken ???
* (to be filled) etc

I am not a real talkative person when it comes to talking to most people but I do talk.

I never use to love reading and thought I'd never write a story in my life though I have many thoughts and ideas on how one might go. you never know I could write one on here and it could be awesome hahaha I can only hope. ;)

I was born in 1998 - if you want to know how old I am calculate it yourself :]

Sooo if you've read this far feel free to follow me if you wish I like seeing the notification saying you have a new follower, if you have any suggestions on any good books please 'DO TELL" if you'd like me to follow you, if I haven't already done so just ask and I will :) or if you'd like me to read anything of yours just say and I'll check out what you got.

thanx 4 reedin
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