Why, hello there...

So, I see that you've clicked on my page and now you want some little facts about me huh?

I'm 17 years old and live in beautiful England.

I love to read, like seriously I think I'm addicted. There's just something so amazing about entering a world that's nothing like your own and experiencing things I probably never will in real life... (Okay, that sounded a little weird, I realise this now...)

Even though I am a teenage girl and by law I should hate anything childish, a good old Disney movie is definitely a favourite of mine. Who doesn't love a lazy day spent on the sofa, drinking tea and watching princesses sing and meet the love of their life?

I love lots of different types of music... Mayday Parade is an amazing band, along with You Me At Six and All Time Low. But then again I'm in love with Taylor Swift! I literally think I have every song she's ever written on my IPod... Know any good songs, please tell me! I love nothing more than finding new music!

Wow, I guess you never really find out how boring you are until you have to write your life down...

So I'll lead on to the book stuff...

I appreciate every single person that clicks onto one of my books and reads it. It seriously means so much to me. I write because I love it, but to know that other people love what I write as well is truly amazing!
I've said every since I started writing on here that even if only one person is reading my books, then I would continue writing for that person.

Thank you for reading this very long and seriously boring bio. I imagine not many of will get to this point, most of you probably got bored half way through so right now I probably writing to no one...

But for those that do carry on... Thank you for taking an interest!
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xxborntostandoutxx xxborntostandoutxx Jan 19, 2015 11:35PM
Okay, I had a very sad moment today... I was looking on my page and noticed that A Drunken Mistake has 46,000 views!! That's unbelievable... I'm actually in shock! To everyone that has read it, thank...
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