The names Jenny, i'm 20 and British - not much else you really need to know..... Anyway i'm a huge fan of anime and supernatural creatures and blah, blah, blah so on and hence forth. I'm not really into writing more the reading side seeing as i can't translate my thoughts to paper - hence why i haven't wrote anything for years of being on this site :/ well i lost my mind a long time ago and from that moment onwards i've kinda just been doing my own thing so don't mind me, i may eventually get my crazy head together and finish something and perhaps publish it but till that day i guess your just going have to use your imagination on the stories i could write..... Or realise i'm to lazy to actually write anything - one or the other, completely your choice. Anyway i'm rambling soooooo on with the show! :D
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Bite the Bullet, Bloodsuckers.

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Description: Eva's father had been missing for most of her life and when he returned she couldn't help but forgive him. She soon learns that the trust she gives him is broken when she discovers his work and his secrets. Sh...