Hi Guys. I'm Back! 
          	I've just posted a new chapter to Claiming California. 
          	Please check it out and tell me what you think.
          	On another note I am working on a new chapter of Undiscovered Territory too. 
          	(AKA xxRandomxThoughtsxx)


So I'm thinking you're not coming back to update :( sad but understandable. Everyone's got their own lives. I do hope you come back one day because claiming California is really good book so far. Hope all is well. 


Literally crying rn, cus I just realized Claiming California hasn’t been updated since 2016, and I just went through a mountain of books to find another good one and I did, then i see that it’s been abandoned. I’m just praying that one day you’ll write it up again. 


hey i just wanted to say i am about half way throught your book your marked territory and i just want to I love the whole story and the concept of the book. I have read tons of werewolf books and this book is really publish worthy if you re write this book with more depth and explainations. It really has very good base story. This book has everything which binds me to read it wanting to know whats gonna happen next. But you have to make somethings more clear in it.
           First the whole klaus being americas most powerful  aplha and Sky her mate so has to be same amount of powerful. I dont see the power anywhere except when he orders around people for petty things. It has to be bigger then that. 
          Second bind the situation more clearly and make charachter focus on more pressing matters like klaus getting worried about Weslyes kidnapping/dissappearance.
          Third deffinetly good chances of brother bonding(bromance) and there combined powers. Them being twins. everyone likes good bromance. (atleast I do)
          With some changes you can make a trilogy out of it. Your story has the same depths as Quinn loftis's books just a little writing issues it is a good book. 


IS  claiming california going to start up again? Is she still an active writer? Is the book on hold or is she just done??


Could you maybe make a third book I love them so much is like to see where the rest of the story line could go your so talented and these could go to be a published series one day


So, I've read your books "His Unmarked Territory" and "His Undiscovered Territory" and I just wanted to know if there was a way you could get this published. I read them back when I was in high school and I fell in love. I just wanted to know if there was a way I could obtain a hard copy, or if your books would stay online.

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