Hey Wattpadians! 

My name is Rachel or Rach and it is very nice to meet you! When it comes to wattpad, I can talk endlessly, so please message me! I really, really love talking (if you couldn't already tell)! :P

I'd consider myself a very...energetic and enthusiastic person, so I apologise if I come across a bit crazy! I use far too many exclamation marks, and basically, if I don't reply to your message with a smiley face or something, I am probably mad! Haha I just joke, but the point is, I also use far too many smiley faces. :)

I love the wattpad community, and i think you guys all have such amazing talent with writing! I wish that applied to me as well! Haha! Anyway, i love reading your stories, so message me, and I'll get around to reading your story!

My world:
- I am a proud Aussie! If you are Aussie, message me because they are pretty rare on here!!
- I love animals, especially dogs. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on this Earth <3
- My favourite colour is pink!
- I am 16
- I love reading because it takes me to another world! :) Hehe
- I love my friends and family!
- My favourite TV Shows:
----> Pretty Little Liars
----> The Vampire Diaries
----> Glee
----> The Fosters
----> Finding Carter
- Fan Girl Of:
----> One Direction
----> Taylor Swift
----> Ed Sheeran
----> 5SOS
----> Chace Crawford
----> Zac Efron
-My role model is Bindi Irwin!
- I really want to travel the world when i grow up!
- I want to be a journalist or lawyer!
- My only fear is the future. I fear other things, but they all to do with the future. I don't fear the snake in itself, but it's potential to bite me...

Alright thats it from me guys! Please message me, and yeah :) xoxox
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