So... What do I say? lol :P

My stories are mostly adult themed, meaning they will all be either PG-13 or Rated R.

For the Rated R stories, please read them only if you're over 18 years old. I don't want to be responsible for corrupting your youthful innocence :)

Alright, my English may not be that good, so please bear with me. Thank you :)

Random stuff about me that you probably don't care about XD:
- I love to eat, read, sleep and play sports
- I can be nice, I can also be a bitch :)
- I love peace <3
- I'm single and ready to mingle! :)
- I'm random, like really really random. I'm sure you can tell :)
- I love Wattpad :)

Find me on FaceBook and add me ;)

I think that's enough :P Okay... so mainly vote and fan :) Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated <3

Hope you enjoy my stories!!

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The Alpha's Girl

Social data: 6.2K reads. 75 votes. 16 comments.

Description: Rose is thrusted into a whole new world where werewolves exist when she moves to California. Oh yeah, did I mention she's the Alpha's "mate"? Except that the werewolves don't use the term "mate...


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Story Reading List

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