Hello -- long time no update. To everyone still following I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support and the fact you haven't given up. I am back and I am a terrible person for being away so long :L


plz update the 4 of them one of me book!


Glad ur back!!


@xxBlueEyedGirlxx Welcome Back. Cant wait to see what you have in store.:)


Hy! I read on WATTPAD for 3 years now, never bothered to sign in but for You’re stories I did it so that I can vote and also see who does Miss M. ends up! Pretty please continue writting! THANK YOU!


Hi! Do you need a cover? I make amazing covers!
          If you're interested, PC me.
          If you want samples, the book cover of my book; Logan Loves Nic, and the others in my reading list are all made by me.
          Thanks and bye!
          Stay safe!


I really think you should finish four of ten and one of me cuz id love to read and figure out what happens when they do all finnaly date. I honestly want the to work out bc  would make it different and not so boring bc stories like this they usually end up not working out bc they can't share but I think the story would be wayyyyyyyy better if they actually ended up all married. All my love❤


Hey, i have to say ur books are amazing! So if u coulld update , that would be great, especially ur sequel to there we’re 5 of them officer. 


@timmit36900 right see my thing is I never put stories that arent finished in my reading list or library but I just had to for the sequel cuz I really wanna read it but I wont till it's finished