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My name is Olivia. I'm only a beginner. I'm always paying attention in English. I want to write for you guys.

~ F a v o r i t e - S o n g s - A t - T h e - M o m e n t ~

Fall for you-Secondhand Serenade
Boyfriend-Justin Bieber
So Listen-Cody Simpson
Up All Night ALBUM-One Direction
Give Your Heart A Break-Demi Lovato
Open Eyes-Taylor Swift


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If you ask me to read your fan fiction,I gladly will.(:

Drop a comment and click the fan button! I'm very friendly,so feel free to talk to me whenever(:


I really suck at about me things. So...

Well,i'm Harry's secret girlfriend...in my mind. ohhhh.

Niall is my best friend.

Zayn is my brother in law.

Liam is my brother,who married Zayn.

My last name is payne. real_olivia_payne. dig? no? okay..

And last but not least,Louis TommoTomlinson is my Boo Bear.

Just kidding. He's my boyfriend's boo bear.

It's like a whole friends with benefits with me and Louis;)

I love pokemon. I play it with the boys everyday. (;

Boyfriend-Justin Bieber: MMM GURL. THAT'S MA JAM.


Moments makes me mascara run. jk. i'm all natural. no make up. ugh.

Niall likes a natural;)




@xPurpleSkies is my life<3 She is forever my best friend. Look at her stories,I dare you. xx


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@AllTimeHustler No problem(: All Time Low is amazing!:D
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